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Submitted by SBo on February 4th, 2016 at 1:23 AM
Why do we trust this guy? It seems M fans treat his word as gospel. Hell, he treats his word as gospel with that annoying halo thing he puts at the end of his tweets. What has he done to gain credibility other than report Harbaugh? I feel like he says some VERY ambiguous things that can be interpreted as many things, and if one of those things is true, it's "Bluevod was right again" but if nothing seemed to happen, most people just think that he knows of something important that we don't yet. Why the hell are we listening to him?



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I know a guy with a rivals subscription and he's always talking to me about how Bluevod said this and Bluevod said that... Did a little googling and found out he just got Twitter and already has a ton of followers. A lot of people valuable his dumb messages quite highly, apparently


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not sure why you are making this so difficult/creating drama. I am a very knowledgeable Michigan sports fan, follow recruiting for the most part, been to more away Michigan football games than anyone I know, and I have heard of this guy maybe twice in my life. Follow my lead, unfollow him, and never worry about him again. Problem solved.


Go Blue.


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Thanks Brosef. Here are my away games:

1997 IU

1997/8 Rose Bowl

1998  NW

1999 Wisky

2000 UCLA

2000 Purdue

2000 NW

2001 Washington

2004 ND

2006/7 Rose Bowl

2009 Iowa

2012 Alabama

2012 ND

2012 Purdue

2013 NW

2014 ND

2015 Utah

This is all while essentially living in North Carolina and California for the majority of my years since graduating in 1998. And in case you were wondering I’ve also been to many other non-Michigan games including (4) LSU, many at USC/UCLA/UNC, Texas A&M, (2) Purdue @ ND, UGA vs. Florida, UGA, WMU, Hope, Albion, etc.


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Yeah, I started following him when he got on twitter and I unfollowed him a week or two ago.
He never states anything clearly. It's always coded messages that don't necessarily mean anything.
I guess his schtick makes it difficult for anyone to tell him he was wrong.
It makes it annoying for anyone that doesn't speak his coded language.


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So then this is a better question for that particular friend. Ask him why he feels bluevod is a valuable person to follow. Maybe he is. Find out why he feels that way.

It just seems like you're walking into a room of coworkers asking "why do all of you pay so much to drive a BMW?" and all of them are telling you that they don't. If you're interested in someone's take on a BMW, find somebody who actually drives one.

I have a Dodge Journey. It's about as nice as you'd expect.


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I've been following him since he started his Twitter account. He's never said one concrete piece of information. As noted above, Brian called him out for just that. He told him to just make one claim on the record, and he just said "Gary is blue". Obviously an easy assumption for anyone.


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He nailed everything with the Harbaugh recruitment. Rumor was he had an in with Hackett. With him gone, I don't think he knows much of anything anymore.


February 4th, 2016 at 9:35 AM ^

Bluevod intimated he is buds with Hackett from "back in the day."  He showed up on the Rivals premium board ("The Fort") during the Harbaugh search and batted 1.000 with his information. He was telling everyone Harbaugh was coming when the mods kept saying 50/50. He was telling all of us what we wanted to hear, and it turned out to be right.

He never really had anything else of consequence to say but some folks on The Fort hung on his every post like it was gospel, no doubt because he was always giving vague hints of other big things to come. 

Now that Hackett has moved on Bluevod's source is gone. Bluevod apparently quit The Fort, and many were tired of his schtick. The mods in particular grew very tired of constant threads about Bluevod (threads very much like this one).


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Bluevod touches himself at night. And under no circumstances do you ever put your trust in someone that touches themselves.. Especially at night!!


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to be taking this whole internet thing a bit too seriously. Time to step away and turn off the screen. Looking at your point total over the past month, you're averaging about 70-80 posts per day (give or take up/downvotes). So, instead of complaining about other people, the question is do you really think all those posts are useful or valuable? If not, then cut the other user some slack, ignore them and move on.


February 4th, 2016 at 8:01 AM ^

I first heard of this guy a few months ago, and there was some rumors out there that he may actually have been Hackett (mostly because of his apparent knowledge of the Harbaugh gig). I would take that with 0% believability for obvious reasons, so the question still remains.


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There is apparently a whole underworld of irrelevant online talking heads that surround this program.

Again, who cares if a guy knows something is going to happen an hour before someone else if he or she has no agency or ability to change it, or doesn't have some real stake (such as a job) in being correct? It seems like every couple of months someone rolls in with strong opinions and common sense they dress up in mystique and everyone bumps on it.