Question and Observation about NCAA Allegations

Submitted by jb5O4 on February 25th, 2010 at 10:35 AM

I normally don't pay much attention to allegatioms brought up at other schools so I am not able to compare other schools situation to ours. One thing I have to noticed is the straight forwardness towards the allegations. Both and have links on the main page to the matter and copies of documents from the NCAA. I feel as though Mary Sue Coleman an the new AD are hoping by being up front and honest the NCAA will be rather lenient, rather than if we made a big deal about it.



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I agree. Openness and cooperation are key to smooth process. While I don't think it will result in leniency (rules are rules), there shouldn't be any undue harshness or criticism as a result of such practices.


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Now the media can talke the hell out it but eventually it will pass in a couple of days. If there was a bit more of a cover up or shady business going on, it would be bound to get out eventually but the media would have more to work with. There would be probably three or four days of speculation and then three or four days of talking about it.

The way they handled it they cut the media scrutiny in half.


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but it should result in leniency, otherwise every institution and person involved has the incentive and motivation reveal as little as legally possible, which would cost the NCAA investigators time, money, and effort.

Being open and honest makes this easier for the NCAA, and ideally Michigan should be rewarded for this.


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1). I think you have to show that you're taking this seriously, and I think Tuesday served to do that.
2). As Compliance Guy pointed out, unlike USC, Michigan is a public university, and due to FOIA, you really can't hide a lot of things, so you might as well get it out there and control the story.
3). Isn't it better to have a flood than a trickle? All of these things come out slowly, and it's a story that keeps running, day after day. Now, there's a few days of hand wringing, Michigan prepares its response and we wait until August.

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Allegations are typically pretty straightforward. It's like a criminal charge made by a district attorney--the people making allegations must be extremely clear about who did what and when, or they'll greatly increase the chances of losing the case.


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Getting out in front backfires on you with the NCAA. Any admission at all is used as a starting point. Any self discpline--same.

Michigan and the Fab-4. Michigan came clean and gave some stuff back. The NCAA laughed and really piled on with extra punishment.

Florida State owned up to cheating and self gave up 10 wins. The NCAA laughed and grabbed two years of wins from all sports.

Ohio State got caught doing some fairly crooked academic stuff. Department tutors taking tests openly. Flat out cheating. They denied and delayed and the NCAA did nothing.

If Michigan were smart, and I don't think Mary Sue Coleman is, they would start yelling 'unfair' and block everything.

The NCAA wants to investigate? They are racist. They held a racist hearing and decided that RichRod is white, so now they are witch hunting him.

Alex Herron? You set him up, hammering him over and over on more than one day, playing with his memory by imposing session after session, tricking him into misstatements, because the NCAA investigation team is biased against white people from the south.

The NCAA is targeting Ann Vollano, the woman AD? Really? Does the NCAA's bigotry know NO BOUNDS?

Then sue the NCAA Divsion 1 Board for discrimination, in Detroit Federal Court.

This would all go away.