Question for Ace - What say the attending recruits?

Submitted by Blue in Seattle on September 11th, 2011 at 12:39 PM

With all this discussion of how lucky Michigan was, how brilliant the result was in the face of the mistakes, etc.  when will we hear what all the recruits thought of that atmosphere?  I'm serious, because after that game I really don't want to hear about the X's and O's, the UFR's or any other analytical acronym.  I want to hear about what people thought and felt after experiencing that game.

Thank you Jamiemac for maintaining the proper priority and perspective after that game.

Go Blue!

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after the game all of the 2012 commits and several of the 2012 and 2013 NON commits were celebrating with each other, taking pictures and generally enjoying the after game atmosphere.


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Need feedback now, it's like a crack habit.  It just be callin' me, man!  How could a 17-18 year old kid not be impressed by that.  I bet we just took a huge jump with Zach Banner, he's the ultimate 2 for 1 deal.  Banner @ the 5, with Mitch McGary @ the 4.  Heaven!  Hey, I can dream, dammit!


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But can someone help me out in vieiwing old board posts. Whenever i try to click the arrow to the old page it switches the board into diaries. Using chrome. THanks.


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When you right-click the arrow and select "open link in new tab," you do get the same post in a separate tab, but the MGoBoard shifts to the second page of posts (e.g., 2 of 17 instead of 1 of 17). You can then click on the older posts.


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Of all the things that that type of win does to make the first ever, biggest crowd, Desmond's night game a success, what a tremendous night to have so many recruits in town for. It was magic, and it had to rub off a little.


September 11th, 2011 at 3:15 PM ^

Sorry, was recording the podcast and then frantically writing Thomas's "Hello" post. I'm still working on contacting recruits to get their reactions, but I did text Matt Godin last night. When asked about the visit (and also how Danny O'Brien and Wyatt Shallman felt), he simply responded, "It's the most amazing thing ever."

I was on the field at the end of the game and got to see all the recruits as they joined the celebration on the field and ran up the tunnel to join the team. I can say that Zach Banner was very excited, dancing around -- he clearly was having a fantastic time, as was everyone else on the field. It's hard to imagine a game with so many visitors going much better, and several recruits tweeted after the game about how incredible it was. We'll see how much impact this has on the 2012 recruits (keep an eye on Banner), but it should have a huge impact on the 2013 players who attended, and I expect we'll see a lot of players taking a strong (or stronger) interest in Michigan who weren't at the game after hearing/seeing what they missed.


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Saw erik magnusson and zach banner after the game outside the tunnel. Just a fan, saw them hanging out and had a quick chat. Important quotes. Banner "that was the most incredible thing I've ever seen" . Magnusson "how do you guys feel about having the best oline in the country?" Me: we could use one more. Magnusson. "I know, right? I'm working on it." And then he looked banner right in the eye and they both laughed.

Both guys were super friendly, and magnusson especially reminded me a bit of taylor lewan. And banner is the largest man I've ever seen.


September 11th, 2011 at 4:42 PM ^

But I was in the front row, got there early enough to see some of the recruits come in. Was able to talk to a few and got some good pics for the mgocommunity-

1. Zach Banner

Zach was there with his mother. Really nice guy, asked me to take a pic with his mom, and I also took the liberty to get one on my phone. Said he was really excited and the big house exceeded his expectations.

2. Daymonte Thomas (no picture)

I asked him when he was going to commit, and he said that he was really considering it. As we all know, he wasn't lying when he told me that.

3. Shane Morris

Shane was really enjoying himself. Gave everyone high fives. Asked him how excited he was to be a Michigan Wolverine and he said he couldn't wait to suit up.

4.  Royce Jenkins-Stone

Didn't get to say much to RJS but he was having a good time with TRich. 

5. Terry Richardson

Terry was there with his parents. Again, didn't get a chance to talk to him but he looked happy hanging out with RJS

6. Danny O'Brien

Danny was definitely getting a lot of love from Michigan fans as he came in. I got a chance to tell him that we needed him out there and he would tear it up. Told me that he was excited to be at the game.

7. Mario Ojemudia (no pic)

Didn't get a chance to talk to him as well but he was really pumped to be there.