Question for Ace: Anything on WR Eric Wilson?

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Over at Go Blue Wolverine, there is an article highlighting a possible wide receiver recruit, Eric Wilson.


One of the more interesting recruitments going on right now is that of Redford Thurston (Mich.) senior wide receiver Eric Wilson, a 6'2, 205-lb prospect who has been tearing it up on the field this year. . . Michigan made contact three weeks ago, and invited Wilson to their game against Minnesota.

Ace, anything on this? How interested is Michigan? Is he a backup plan in case enough of our offers on the table aren't accepted? Have any of you in the Redford area seen Wilson play? It always seems good to me to keep your eyes open for late bloomers who explode their senior year of high school.



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I can't say I know much about Wilson beyond his ratings, but I'm pretty sure he's a backup plan. Michigan is in great position with Payton and Darboh and also have a shot at Powe and Madaris—I think they'd look to any two of those players before considering throwing Wilson a scholarship offer. Wilson didn't even make it to the Minnesota game and I haven't heard anything about a rescheduled trip, so I'm not even sure there's a lot of interest from either end right now.

Two Hearted Ale

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Maybe someone who has been recruited or knows someone who has been recruited can answer this. If someone is a backup plan are they made aware that they are a backup plan? Do coaches usually spell it out for the athlete, "if <insert generic athlete's name here> doesn't sign we'll offer you a scholarship," or do they just string them along, "if you keep working hard and take your vitamins we might offer you a scholarship"?


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Well I had a awful experience when I was in the middle of a transfer (baseball).

I started my Freshman year as a walk on at a local juco and pitched really well and had a bunch of the little colleges giving me a chance to play and a few offering percentage scholarships.. pretty much nickles and dimes compaired to their tution. I had my papers all ready to get my name on the line and then when I tried calling them to make sure everything was set, I couldn't get to talk to anyone and they weren't replying to my calls. I kind of got worried and talked to my coach and he said to stay away when they do this. With in a week My local paper had a front page article about a kid that went to my rival HS and was an incoming freshman that would be atteneding the college I was going to go to ( He was a pitcher as well). He pledged the day before I was going to get everything in. Long story short colleges will take the best person available and leave you in the dark.

Well that was my experience and I'm still kind of bitter about it but I would have only had 3 years left so it's understandable. (in the end I gave up the baseball dream and now am at Toledo)

That being said I think our coaching staff is very up front with recruits from everything I have heard


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Wilson looks to be like a classic back-up plan.  He's an in-state kid who would likely jump at a UM offer if it came a week before signing day.  He has "meh" offers from Northwestern, West Virginia and the MAC, which isn't bad but isn't what we're looking for as a first choice. 

Assuming Payton commits, that leaves one spot to fill with one of Darboh, Madaris, Powe and possibly Burbridge (or any other big name that pops up, which tends to happen). 

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WHEN we have more of a pro-offense fully in place.  I'd absolutely welcome him here now, and he sounds like a great person too.  But, that's highly unlikely.  For now, getting Payton and one of Darboh/Madaris would fill our needs this season.  Next year, I think we need to shoot for a big, rangy wideout to lengthen the field. 


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Granted I was working the umpire position against a really bad team (Thurston was up 42-0 at the end of the first quarter), but truth be told no one really stuck out, including Wilson.  I commented to my colleagues that Thurston was loaded with a bunch of athletes with really no beef eaters.

The one guy who I heard State has offered (or close to) is this kid Tommie Bush out of Michigan Collegiate.  He's the real deal.  No one could tackle or block this kid. 

Many of these players don't go to camp for a number of reasons, thus too many fly under the radar.  This may have been the case of Desmond Morgan who has quite the future for the Maize and Blue.


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Needless to say if you were ref'n a game where they were up 42-0 in the 1st qtr, you wouldn't see much of ERIC WILSON(their BEST player) ....mentioned as a MAN amongst boys in this scout article added to article: Eric Wilson / Sr. / WR-OLB (6-2, 205) Wilson scored the first three times he touched the ball and was a man amongst boys out there. He caught three short passes and easily shrugged off every would-be tackler that came his way. He had four receptions, three for touchdowns. On defense, he was effective on the blitz off the edge and made a couple big plays including a sack and forced fumble. He made the competition look worse than it was last night. He's the real deal and I firmly believe he's a top 20 player in the state. ""

You should've ref'd the Dearborn game where he scorched Dearborn(not sub-par competition) for 4receptions for 234 yards 2tds, a 75yard rushing td, a 2pt conversion, 2interceptions, a force fumble, blocked extra point, and at least 12tackles....Wilson has yet to play more than 1st half other than the Dearborn game due to Thurston blowing out all competition.

Wilson was on Mich's radar since his Jr year, they just didn't have any film or much to go on and he didn't report to any of their camps. He indeed is a back up plan but what better plan to have than the best available receiver in the state, not to mention, he's a super safety and awesome outside Linebacker. He's a pure all around athlete!

As mentioned, Wilson hasn't play much past the 1st half yet has racked up 15receiving tds thru 7 games, over 80 tackles, 5ints, 5force fumbled, 4sacks and 2defensive tds.....doesn't sound like he should be much of a backup plan, but that is where he stands right now.



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By no means is Eric Wilson 2nd rate or no reason that he should be a reserve, he's actually better than most of the current WR targets. He just doesnt play for a top ranked school such as some of the Florida guys, and lets face it, if youre an athlete from Florida, you're on recruiting radars across the country period. He's no slouch by any means.

Eric Wilson's 1st 5games :  (w  

(watch him single handed-ly rip Dearborn apart in game 2, watch the RIDICULOUS yards after catch and TREMEDOUS speed, bursting past db's that clearly have the angle on him.)

game 6 : 

game 7 : 

He should CLEARLY be a top target for Mich regarless of any of the medias favorite target, he still ranked the #2 WR in Mich( #1 is commited to Mich St already), and he's the #1 safety, although he plays OLB this year, and w/ the speed of 4.38 in the 40 at OLB, he's deadly, all the while of JUST turning 17 2weeks thats impressive seeing alot of these guys are 19 or on their way to 19 shorty.