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Submitted by MJ14 on November 4th, 2012 at 9:38 AM

I have a question about football tickets this year and every year in general. Last year, I went to the San Diego State game and sat in section 21 or something close to that. When I received my tickets, which I purchased on stubhub, the tickets were pretty big for what I'm used to seeing tickets be. But, they were the correct tickets and I had an awesome experience. So that made me think that all tickets from Michigan are sort of like that, in that they are bigger than what I normally expect.

Fast forward to this year and I've purchased some tickets for the Iowa game. Note these are not my tickets, just a picture example I pulled off of ebay.

So I guess what I'm really wondering is, is there different tickets and sizes for each game? You'll have to forgive me for my stupidity in this situation, as I really have no clue. I just kind of assumed all college sporting events had about the same size ticket format for every game. But, I have only been to like IU stuff since I'm right around Bloomington. Anyways, thanks for any help and for any explanations. I was kind of worried that the tickets might have been fake, but they look nearly identical to the ones I've posted here from ebay.



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They are all the same size each season. They only differ in size from year to year. Usually they were the same size as this years tickets but 2011 went large for some reason.


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My ticket package from Michigan, my tickets are printed on some default ticketmaster template. No logo, no hologram or anything cool. It kind of actually sucks.


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Last year they were all big like the first picture and this year they're all small like the second picture. Probobly Dave Brandon trying to save a few bucks


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Last year had 8 games, so they either had to put 8 small tickets on one "sheet" or 4 big tickets on 2 "sheets". This year we have six games, which fits on one sheet but with smaller sizes than last year.


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I'm really new to this blog, but I want to let everyone know about a blood drive at the big house today until 4 I believe. Sugar bowl trophy is there its in the skyboxes. You get to see it take pictures and just support a great cause. So can someone please get the word out for me. Thank you.


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I am waiting for the little tag to hang on my key ring instead of a hand full of tickets.  For the scalpers and fair weather fans they still should be able to sell individual game tickes on stub hub etc.


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I have had tickets in the past like those, but last years Ohio game and my tix for the upcoming Iowa game are just the plain white default looking kind.


November 4th, 2012 at 5:15 PM ^

The Uconn tickets from a few years back were massive. Yes it was for the stadium rededication and that is probably why. But there were still biggrt than what was issued last season


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Any suggestions on somethings that's a must do with a child while in AA. Also anyone have any advice on buying tickets whether it be buying at the stadium or stubhub. Thanks for your help.

Feat of Clay

November 4th, 2012 at 8:09 PM ^

The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum is pretty solid. Or U-M's natural history museum at Ruthven. There is a new animal encounter place on west Jackson, too, called Great Lakes Zoological Society. I haven't been there but my kid has for parties.

If the weather is decent, outdoor stuff is good. My son has always loved the Wave Field on north campus.


November 4th, 2012 at 10:13 PM ^

Other than seeing a game in Michigan Stadium, everything else is second fiddle. I agree with the A2 Hands On Museum. And the U of M Natural History Museum is cool. If you need a break to pass time and want to let your child get their energy out, head over to Jungle Java on the west side of town off Jackson Rd. Of course, not sure where you are staying, but there is always the hotel pool.

For eats, you can't go wrong going to Pizza House (get a milkshake too). If you just want a celebratory dessert, head downtown to Kilwins for chocolates and/or ice cream. Or Washtenaw Dairy. Or Stuchi's.

Good luck!