Question about Sparty 90+ offers

Submitted by Bixler on May 18th, 2011 at 8:47 PM

     Recently, while reading some of the Sparty meltdown about our success in recruiting, I noticed that they talked a lot about MSU having 90+ offers extended to high school athletes.  The talking points continued that losing nine or ten prospects to U of M was no big deal, they would still get a lot of highly ranked players. 

     This made me wonder if there is a data base or site that would list all of MSU's offers.  It would be interesting to see who they have offered, and how many have already committed to other schools.  I did a Google search and did not find a list. Any suggestions?



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Honestly I can't wait until Sparty is back in our rearview mirror, just as they should be. They have moments, but so does a broken clock. They have squeezed as much joy as one can out of these 3 wins. Despite the joy they haven't squeeze out many recruits willing to commit which is OK by them because Coach D can pour syrup on shit and make it taste like pancakes.

Moe Greene

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Let's be clear - they've only offered ONE athlete per position of need.

And they're all from out of state. 

After all, this is an il primo institution of higher ed and second degree assault we're talking about.

(/end channeling of RCMB)


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My favorite is the insistence that all of these offers are to "Plan A" guys, and that "Plan B" offers don't go out until late in the year.  Okay, that's fine, but "Plan A" doesn't mean anything.  You think the recruits aren't ranked in some way?  You think Dantonio wouldn't rather have Funchess than whoever that low-ranked TE that committed to them was?  Sure, you can insist that all the offers at this point are to "Plan A" guys, but that doesn't mean that all recruits are equal.  There is a hierarchy here.  There are recruits they want, and there are last-resort recruits.  That's just the name of the game.  Insisting that Michigan taking all of the in-state and highly-ranked recruits doesn't matter because you have offers out to a bunch of others is just ridiculous.  Of course it matters.  Who do you have a better chance with than someone who grew up an MSU fan?  Sure, you might get your bottom-tier "Plan A" guy, and say he was still a "Plan A" guy, but we all know that Dantonio would've rather had whoever was a the top of his list, which is probably conveniently also the guy higher-ranked (not always, but usually).


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msu now dominates out of state recruiting.  

In the past week they have offered lots of out of state guys, but none of the guys are highly rated (4+ stars).  Also all of these prospects do not hold Michigan offers.  I think I figured out their new strategy.  Offer recruits without Michigan offers so they can't lose.


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I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of MSU recruits that we are recruiting, anymore.  Guess we already took most of them!


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One thing I bet I know about those Sparty offers: Most of them will be pulled one millisecond before the kids recruit elsewhere. Sparty doesn't lose out on recruits. He just changes his mind.

maize and brew…

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check out spartan tailgate website which is MSU blog site and click on "recruits" and you will get all of there info including blogs about us. No membership is required. Gloat away!!!!


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According to a search on Scout (which is more fair considering the fact that they actually have a midwest analyst) MSU has offered roughly 50 four-star or better prospects. Of those 50:

10 are committed

4 are committed to Michigan

0 are committed to MSU

I seriously doubt their ability to pick up anyone from the south, which means they're limited to prospects from mainly the northwest, and anyone with a Michigan or Ohio State offer won't be headed to East Lansing. It's safe to say that their class is going to be anything but comparable to Michigan's, and it might struggle to even crack the top 25.