Question about our rivalries

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So, with the basketball game coming up on Tuesday against MSU, I was chatting with some co-workers who happen to be State fans/grads about rivalries. We all know who the big dog is for us in football at least: Ohio. My question to you all is does this rivalry translate to the other sport's or is there another more meaningful game on the calendar? 

To me, I want to beat Ohio in everything obviously, but I think MSU might be the bigger rival when it comes to basketball and hockey, and I claim to know nothing about our baseball or other sports' rivals. Agree? Disagree? Blasphemy? Discuss.



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Maybe its because I came from out of state to go to UM but I think sparty is more of a local rival amongst Michiganders.

Our football rival is Ohio but id argue that Duke might be a bigger hoops rival than Sparty.

They're our little brother and not really on my radar


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But I love beating MSU in basketball and football. I watch Michigan basketball but don't care enough to make it 24/7 like I do football. I think it depends like when State or Ohio is ranked higher then a win over both of them is huge but right now I think the hatred between UM and MSU is much more intense than tOSU and UM.


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<br>2. ND
<br>3. MSU
<br>4. Minnesota just because of the jug
<br>5. Nebraska
<br>1. MSU
<br>2. OSU


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I think it has a lot to do with the historical quality (or lack thereof) of the schools in various sports. In football, Ohio is the much bigger rival, because they've almost always had good teams and Sparty can really only hang its hat on the 1950-1970 time frame. In most other sports, Sparty is the bigger rival because they've historically had successful programs while Ohio has been a late-comer to success.