question about early enrollment in 2013 class

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 11th, 2012 at 10:22 AM

Is there any updates that might not have made the 2013 recruiting board? Dymonte Thomas, I have seen reports that he is infact enrolling early but the board suggest otherwise. Can we get an update, Ace? Magnus? anybody?



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I trust he knows his plans better than anyone else. He's been talking to Ross Douglas about it. He tweets a lot so I can't find what I'm looking for but he plans on being at Michigan and missing his Senior Prom, "The fact that Marlington prom is on a boat this year and i can't go because ill be at Michigan <<<"


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only allows three to count as last year's class, but I'm not aware of a rule capping early enrollment. I'm pretty sure you could have a full class of 25-28 enroll early if you could work it out.

In the Big Ten, three of these guys can be "2012 recruits" if the school has room, while the rest would be class of 2013 recruits.


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I am new to mgoblog and unsure about where I should post this, but Luke Del Rio has decommited from Oklahoma State.  While he maintains they are still in the hunt, I assume this moves Michigan back ahead of them on Treadwell's list.  I apologize if this is the incorrect way to go about sharing this information.


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I don't think it's the incorrect way to share the information, but I doubt it has much of an effect on Treadwell.  Oklahoma State has been able to throw the ball at will for years now, so it probably doesn't matter whether Del Rio is there or not.

Bo Knows

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Early Enrollees generally seem to find the field their freshman years unless they are hurt (Ringer), but of the EEs which ones do you guys see redshirting?  I think LTT will, but Bosch sees the field.  The rest play.


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It's unlikely Bosch sees the field. OL redshirt, with very few exceptions.

It sounds like Bosch will play guard, so who does he play over? He's a good prospect, but not crazy good. Outside of injury, he'd be behind Kalis, Bryant, and probably Bars, Brzynski and Glasgow. There would have to be a number of injuries for him to play.


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Agreed on Bosch, but sometimes crazy things happen.  With the lack of experienced depth on the OL, you never know how it will shake out.  Michigan's been pretty lucky with OL injuries the past couple years.  Barnum was healthy all season, and he was the only one who got hurt in 2011, but there was a decent replacement (redshirt sophomore Schofield).

I'm afraid this might come true, but at some point, I imagine we're going to have to weather a couple injuries to starters.

Also, I'm not sold on Burzynski or Glasgow being ready for long-term playing time, but the coaches probably won't burn Bosch's redshirt just to give a guy a breather.


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I agree, if there are multiple long term-ish injuries, you gotta do what you gotta do. But under that argument, any of our recruits could play.

I don't know if Brzinski or Glasgow are long term options either, but I certainly don't know if Bosch is, and I'll take the guy who is in his third year on campus than the guy in his first, especially since both of those guys got reps in a handful of games last year and will certainly be ahead of Bosch in the spring simply based on knowledge of the play book.


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The only one that seems guaranteed to redshirt is Logan Tuley-Tillman, but I don't really see a reason to play Taco Charlton early.  The only DE departing is Craig Roh, and there are a bunch of young guys at the position - Wormley, Strobel, Ojemudia, maybe Godin and Black at SDE.  Then toss in Beyer, Clark, and Heitzman.  That's seven or eight defensive ends to fill two spots.  It seems like it would be a waste to play Charlton, too.