Question about D. Hart

Submitted by Ziff72 on January 19th, 2011 at 4:37 PM

Saw this exchange on the ESPN chat wrap.  Is Hart really going to play CB at Alabama?  This seemed odd. Come back Dee Al coached Cadillac and R. Brown!!!!

John (Charleston, SC)


What are the chances that Isaiah Crowell will commit with Alabama after Hart had such a good game in the Amry All-American game?

Craig Haubert
  (3:13 PM)


John - it should not have an impact has Hart is being recruited to play corner for the Tide



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Michigan, then maybe Alabama, then still Michigan, then Alabama to play corner. I wish him well. We already have an all-purpose back by the name of Denard Robinson, so I'm not concerned.

oriental andrew

January 19th, 2011 at 4:57 PM ^

He's also just a senior in HS.  I went back and forth between Michigan, Ga Tech, and Cornell almost daily when I was trying to decide where to go to college.  I didn't officially decide on Michigan until close to decision day at the end of my senior year.  I don't blame the kid.  It didn't seem like he was pulling an Alex Legion or anything.  


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Interesting, as I was also undecided as a young man, but between Michigan and MSU.

So, in the 1980s my old man took me out to one of our family farms in western Michigan, walked me through one of the cattle pens, and asked, "Look around, son, you smell that?" 

"Yes, sir," I replied.

The old man then fixed me with a firm Marine Corps stare and said in his deep and raspy voice, "This, son, is Michigan State... Any questions?"

"No, sir, not any more," I answered.

I'll always owe my father a debt of gratitude for his strange ways...


*(All of this is, of course, an approximation and rather fictionalized accounting). 





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Do you really have to abbreviate someone named Dee? Isn't that like abbreviating the month of May? 

I chose to focus on this instead of him not coming and sobbing again. It worked!


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he seemed to be a lock since his sophomore year. Alas. 

Despite this, there seems to be so many good-and-happys around the program right now that I wouldn't be surprised if Hoke and Co. somehow bring us a top-25 recruiting class. 

Consider the mood two days ago compared to today. The momentum and all the great press will have a huge impact on recruits, and two weeks is a long time, considering that most of these kids meet the coaches one or twice, tour the campus, and then make their decisions.

How close is Bolivia to Pollyanna?


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95/5% chance that we don't get him back. He seems pretty set on going to Ala. Remember his best pal Hasean is going there 100% so it would be extremely hard to waver his commitment. On playing CB I doubt it, but Saban always tries to stuff as many commmits as he can in a position (Hart, Crowell), so idk


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Actually, this makes me feel better about losing him. I think he's way better at RB/Slot than CB. He's pretty tiny and will get abused in by taller receivers. We aren't that hard up for a nickle or dime package CB. Could've used him on offense though...


January 19th, 2011 at 5:34 PM ^

Harts decision is Harts decision.  Defense was always a possibility and he knew that going in.  The draw of competing for a RB spot, and doing KR and PR duties maintained his interest.  If he has to play defense, he might as well play along side one of his best friends. 

Hart is 5'9" and it is realistic he winds up playing CB.  It is probably likely, especially since he may have a position change, that he redshirts next year. 


It is also possible that he eventually falls victim to the rampant Saban/SEC oversigning that is going on.  Time will tell, and we must all wish him the best.


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We need to start campaigning...  Any defensive recruit that is not thinking of the possibilities with Mattison here is missing the obvious.  Dude can coach, and can build NFL players...

biakabutuka ex…

January 19th, 2011 at 7:27 PM ^

Dee Hart didn't want to come to Michigan per se--he wanted to play for Rodriguez. Number two choice was to play for Meyer, and number three is Saban. We just need to let him go--he obviously was swayed entirely by coaches and not by schools.