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Submitted by sheepman on December 1st, 2010 at 2:30 PM

Recently I remember RR saying something about our D being a bit undersized (not sure if this is the word he used)  to compete with the likes of Wiscy (duh) and other B10 teams.

Is he implying that this is PERSONNEL issue or a type of conditioning issue?

Basically, Can our Dline and LBs gain considerable weight and strength in the off season? Or do we really need bigger guys than we have now?

For those of you who are coaches/former players, what does it take for there to be a noticeable difference? 25 lbs? different for everyone?



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yes and yes. 

We are undersized because we have some smaller players.  But we are also undersized because our players are 18-19 years old on D, not 22-23.  The latter can be fixed.  The former cannot.

Generally, it takes 2 years of college level S&C to gain an appreciable amount of muscle and speed.  Not that gains cannot be made in 1 year, but I have always heard that the biggest difference in size (not skill) comes between the sophmore year and the junior year, not the freshman and sophmore year.  This makes sense - most HS kids know very little about weight training - the offseason after the freshman year is spend developing a base.  The offseason after the sophmore year is when that base is built upon and really translates into strength and speed.

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its easy for almost anyone to gain 25lbs, just sit still for a month and eat mcdonalds 4 times a day.  but for highly conditioned, high performance athletes like these, its a bit more difficult.  the younger guys, specifically the redshirted guys (ash, talbott) the true freshmen (black) and even some sophomores (roh, etc) have a better chance of putting on that weight in terms of muscle, because they havent grown into their frames physiologically as well as say, mike martin has.  


martin for example could probably only put on 10-15lbs more maximum, which would put him at 310-315.  i wrestled mike in high school when he was at Novi CC, and he struggled to get under 285lbs to qualify for the heavyweight division.  he was a beast then, a beast now, and will continue to be one.


if you want something like 2 dt's weighing 330 a piece, and 2 de's weighing 275 a piece, its probably not going to happen.  like i said, it varies from person to person, but i think what you see is what you get, give or take 15-20lbs


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I was our team's 125lb wrestler senior year and i remember being at a tournament with Muskeegons Terrance Taylor struggling to make the 275 weight restriction (heavy weight at the time)...he was right in front of me in the weigh in...and um...well you know how it goes when you need to lose that 0.1.

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Wait, that stuff still exists?  If there was only a search bar near the top right hand corner of the site that was powered by a major search engine like Google, then I could see just how many posts have discussed Jim Harbaugh in the last 24 hours.  Hint: lots...


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Um, I think we need bigger guys.  Our starting defensive line was decent sized.  But when your backup NT is 275 lbs., that's a problem.

That being said, we can get plenty big in the offseason.  It's not out of the question to expect all those young guys to put on 10-15 pounds in the offseason (Jibreel Black, Terry Talbott, Jordan Paskorz, maybe Craig Roh, etc.).


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Putting on 10-15 pounds for an 18 or 19 year old will be no problem. This is why they usually redshirt in order to physically and mentally prepare for future playing time. I think Roh has a monster year next year which should have been when he saw the field as a starter under normal circumstances.

I tip my hat to guys like Roh and others who will inevitably sacrifice a year of peak performance at UM due to playing before their time. It may even cost some of these guys in the NFL draft, you never know.

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It's the turkey from Thanksgiving, I swear!!  It's the holiday season, it happens to everyone!!  Get off my back! Who asked you!!!  Who are you to judg--

Oh, the conditioning of the team.  Oh, yes.  Right.


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be interesting to see are young guys getting bigger over the off season. I think this defense will be considerably better next season no matter who the defensive coaches are.


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When Richard Ash signed with us he came in at 270 lbs and now on the roster it says he is listed at 320 lbs. I don't know what Barwis did but this kid put on 50 lbs in one year!

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If I remember right, he was rumored to have, uh, gained a little "bad" weight since his senior year of football ended.  His commitment post alludes to some supposed work ethic issues that caused a lot of the major powers to cool on him.

It sounds like a bigger feat may be getting him back down to around 300 pounds of solid playing weight in time to contribute next season.


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Isn't this a simple question of physics (which I know nothing about)?  If I were picking a team, I'd choose a 275lb. guy that can bench and squat 3 times his bodyweight over a 300lbs guy that can only bench/squat 2 times his bodyweight.  So, if that makes sense, then Barwis' presence in the weight room is huge.

Also, I remember watching Iowa's Clayborne huff and puff to the sideline and sit out several plays in the Michigan game.  He is obviously large and probably strong, but his conditioning is terrible (in my humble opinion).