Question About B1G Division Tiebreakers

Submitted by Shakespeare on October 31st, 2011 at 11:22 AM

This is what Wikipedia has listed as Divisional Tiebreakers...

"Division standings are based on each team's overall conference record. Teams that are ineligible to play in a postseason bowl game will not be allowed to participate in the Big Ten Football Championship Game. In the event that two teams are tied, the head-to-head results between those two teams determines the tiebreaker."

This led me to wonder why we are currently in first place ahead of Michigan State. We now "control our own destiny" according to everything I've read, but if the above is true wouldn't Michigan State win the tiebreak over us. I was hoping to find Overall Record to be the tiebreak  when two teams have the same conference record, but according to Wiki it isn't. Can anyone confirm or explain what happens if Michigan State and Michigan both win out?



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Michigan does not control its own destiny. If both teams win out, Michigan is practically a lock for a BCS at-large bid, because the loser of the B1G title game will sustain another loss. 


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I would add: also until they stop committing blatant recruiting violations. Every recruit knows that SEC schools play the game dirty. While this sounds like unverified veracity, it is briefly documented inside Bacon's book. 


Ideally, games would be played on a level playing field. Anything else is unfair to the players. 

dr eng1ish

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We're in first now because we win the 3-way tiebreaker w MSU and Nebraska. If we win out, we'll have beaten Nebraska and knocked them out, and thus would lose the head-to-head tiebreaker w MSU, unless they also lose another game.

Mr. Yost

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When I first saw this thread...I thought it was a joke. Why did I think it was a joke? Because this same question and same topic has been discussed in at least 3 DIFFERENT threads since we beat Purdue. I couldn't fathom that someone would bring it up again and actually be serious...

...I was wrong.



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The point is that we want to keep the board from getting cluttered with useless/redundant information and basically turining into MLive.  When you have a question, is it that hard to check through the last few pages of board posts to see if it has already been discussed?


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Michigan is currently in a 3 way tie (MSU an Neb). By winning out, M will remove Neb from the tie, and thus lose in a tiebreaker with State. However, Nebraska would currently be in lead as their division record and BCS standing is higher.


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I'm really not too worried about what's going on around us. I just want Mich to go out and win their games.  If we win out there is a good chance we go to the BTCG and even if we don't that pretty much guarantees us an at-large invite for a BCS game. Pretty good situation to be in with a first year coach, especially when you look at our last three years.


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What happens if us, MSU, and Nebraska end the season in a 3-way tie though, and we beat Nebraska? For instance, if:

  • Michigan goes 3-1 the rest of the way, and their loss comes to either Illinois or OSU.
  • Nebraska goes 3-1 the rest of the way, with their 1 loss coming against us.
  • MSU goes 3-1 the rest of the way, with their 1 loss coming against Indiana (as improbable as that may be).

Then all three teams would be 6-2 in conference, with no clear-cut winner based on head to head (we lost to MSU, MSU lost to Nebraska, Nebraska would have lost to us), and all three teams would have identical division records. Would it come down to BCS rankings at that point?


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Though much more likely MSU's loss would come at Iowa, thus eliminating them from the 3-way due to being 3-2 in division (UM and NU 4-1) then giving UM the nod due to the head-to-head win.  This could actually mean UM could have the division wrapped up before the Ohio game, and a loss to Ohio could lead to a rematch in the B1G title game!