Quavaris Crouch to choose school at 6:30 tonight

Submitted by 1464 on December 21st, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Crouch will choose between Michigan, Tennessee, and Clemson.  Clemson is assumed to be out.  Tennessee insiders think he'll be a Vol.  Michigan tweeted that interesting picture with him in the class.  I'm not sure where this is going.  At least we will know tonight...



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"something funny" isnt always going on when Tennessee gets good recruits. The board looks foolish when we keep saying stuff like that.

Tennessee has history, cool uniforms, a well-known fight song, a good stadium that packs a ton of people, and a supportive fan base. They are going to recruit well as long as the coach isn't a numpty. 

I realize they havent been good lately, but go back not too long ago and UM wasnt successful, but had history and tradition on their side and recruited well. Are all of you gonna say "something funny" was going on up here? 


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Dude, you lost all credibility with "cool uniforms". There's a reason people jokingly refer to UT as "The Fighting Dreamsicles."

Add in the fact that UT has been complete ass for a decade now and it is not unreasonable to question how they are landing so many elite recruits right now.


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Amen... .a lot of sour grapes in these parts...   I doubt any of them have been to see a game in Knoxville... I have, and their program is a sleeping giant... in fact, am surprised they've been down so long... .they have been apparently have been going about it the wrong way.   And they are in the SEC, and guys will get a ton of playing time going there...


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I don’t think it’s sour grapes.  Michigan has a great class, and it seems like everyone is pretty pleased with signing day.  As a previous poster said, come with a reason for your opinion and people (probably) won’t neg.  A take of “he’s a vol, man” will likely get negged.  It gets negged further when the poster being negged publicly complains.  

Now, I’m not surprised they’ve been down so long; there are several reasons, including Alabama, Georgia, etc.  I think Mullen will bring Florida back as well, so I don’t see a significant positive trajectory for UT in the SEC.  


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I live in Knoxville and can second this.  Yes, Tennessee has struggled lately, but the program has a lot of tradition, great facilities, a very loyal fan base, huge stadium, etc, etc....I can can go on and on about the parallels between UT and UM.  The UT coaching staff has a lot of connections with high school coaches in the south and are working their tails off to get great recruits.  They are selling the chance to play early in the SEC in front of a 100,000 at Neyland Stadium.  I am a big fan of both of these college programs.  Can UM fans not automatically jump to the conclusion that something fishy is going on?  It’s a bad look.  Tennessee is not Ole Miss. 

Blue in Paradise

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Nothing fishy going on there - just some bagman cash.

And I have no problem with it either.  A bunch of rich old dudes want to give some bags of cash to talented young dudes who often come from families in need - absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Fuck the NCAA and their hypocrisy, Michigan should be spreading the wealth too.  Stephen Ross, Don Graham and Bobby Kotick would happily give a few hundred grand each year to get a few more top 50 types.  Hell, I would even kick a grand or two.  If I knew the money was going to a good family, why not?

if ass-clown Mark Emmert gives back his salary next year, I will change my view.

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