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A short psuedo-documentary about the last play of Michigan-Indiana in 1979, including Ufer's call.  This is a part of a series on Ufer posted by YouTube user GhostsofMichigan.


"I've never been so happy, in all my cotton-pickin' fifty-nine years"




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Intentionally throwing the ball out of bounds was legal in those days.  Which makes me wonder why Lee Corso was throwing such a fit.  But the rule was changed, I believe, the following year.

It was also legal in the 70's to stand on the back of another player to block field goals.  And committing a defensive pass interference resulted in a 30 yard penalty.  Those stupid rules saved Notre Dame's ass against a certain opponent in 1979 and 1980 that I won't mention...but I'm sure you can figure out who I'm talking about. 

All of these rules were changed to the current format around 1981.   

True Blue in CO

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I was there that day as a Freshman in the Marching Band.  A magical play.  Three years ago I had the chance to meet Lee Corso and talked to him about that moment and his catching of Edwards intentional fumble.  He said nothing in his coaching days ever made him more upset than that intentional fumble.


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That was the only time Corso was even close to competing with us.  What was truly telling was that when Indiana scored with just over a minute to go, he didn't even think about going for two.  A tie was as good as an upset for them. 

These were the scores the rest of the time we played Corso.

1973: Michigan-49 Indiana-13

1974: Michigan-21 Indiana-7

1975: Michigan-55 Indiana-7

1976: Michigan-35 Indiana-0

1980: Michigan-35 Indiana-0

1981: Michigan-38 Indiana-17

1982: Michigan-24 Indiana-10

The Impaler

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I think  what makes that play even greater was that the game would have resulted in a tie.  Scoring when the game was tied back then made it all that more special when we scored.