Qual. for being negged

Submitted by tmiller on September 7th, 2009 at 4:44 PM

Is there a place to go to see a standard for being docked/negged for bad content/comments? I have seen a lot of it today and would like to be educated on the matter. Thanks in advance for the help.



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Thank you. I was starting to wonder on a couple of items. It seems that there are some poeple on here that will ding you for good content that they just don't agree with. I take it from the link that that is not responsible protocol?


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It depends on the quality of the content sometimes. If it's an opinion, generally you shouldn't be negged, but if you're going to post that we should have Brian Kelly as head coach right now, that opinion doesn't really fly around here. We stay supportive of the team and coaches in 99.9% of all cases. Dissent is ok, but all-out ditching of anyone isn't a smart idea. Your opinion should be at least supported with rational logic.

Posting cryptic messages acting like an insider don't really hold up well on the board. If you're going to say something, have something to back it up.

Also, implying that violence should be committed is also a general negative, as well as being overly personal when you act like a douche bag or defend yourself. Ad hominem attacks are the big on in that respect. Overuse of profanity falls in this case quite often as well. It's possible to act like a dick without being hostile. Keeping a cool head definitely avoids the negbang.

Really bad grammar or blatant misspellings get a lot of negative attention, but if the poster acknowledges the mistake, or can turn it into something funny, they generally deserve the point back. It's one of those learning situations.

Again, these just seem to be the normal for most topics.


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Neg anyone that disagrees with my well thought out e-pinions and +1 thos who are kind enough to agree.
Then we can cultivate a message board where you just have to agree with the majority to get points. It is good suck up practice for the work place.

No, of course that is a joke. I personally neg for people who are overly douchy. I don't mind if you have a dissenting opinion, but I just don't see the need to make it into an attack rather than a thought. I sometimes neg for hideously stupid opinions, but I do try to avoid doing that.
I will give points for insightful comments and things that make me laugh and if you are a math major (no idea how I would figure out if you are or not, but we gotta stick together)

OMG Shirtless

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AutoNeg Regardless of Content
Any post that has "$" instead of an S.
Grammar and Spelling Nazi posts.
Any post that mentions MGoPoints.

Anything that comes across as condescending or makes you sound like a jackass.
Repetitive threads.
Diaries that should be message board posts.
Blatant point grabs.

Pump Fake Neg (Plus banging someone, then switching it to a negative. The poster still gets the points but the post looks like it was negged)

Any poster who traditionally gets overly flustered about his point total. (For Example: Bouje)

Anything that makes me laugh
Solid informative posts, regardless of whether or not I agree
Links or answers to questions (For example, when someone asks for a picture and a person provides it)

MS Paint pictures


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I wondered why I regularly get plus then negged within 1 minute
(oh shit, I am revealing my insecurity about my Mgopoints and my need to be liked)
(oh shit, I mentioned points)
at least I have Bouje to keep me comfort
(oh shit, that was a blatant point grab)

Tha Stunna

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A vague list I've come up with:

-Remarks that are generally offensive to humanity
-Stupid and poorly explained views, especially if they disagree with the majority
-Angry/sarcastic retorts (this can snowball quickly)
-Complaining about being negged

There's also negbanging, in which a person who has a post that goes below a vague threshold (probably -10) will often get every one of their posts negged. This is generally caused by a particularly stupid diary, and is made much easier when they post lots of angry retorts to defend their point. Said stupid points may be something like: RichRod saying "fuck" is worse than a DUI by a college student, or saying I told you so about Denard before the proof that "told you so" comes to light. I don't participate in this, but some find it fun.

I suppose there's also posbanging, which is probably just a term I made up. That's the opposite of negbanging, where all of a person's posts get voted up. The most obvious recipient of this is bouje, who has been both negbanged and posbanged multiple times... a high variance poster. There's also Jay, who's probably been posbanged by a mixture of Jesus, Tebow, and other divine forces... although he's slipped behind a shadowy individual named "Brian" for some reason. Perhaps he will rise again two days after Good Friday.


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v: 1. to downgrade a sexual partner's performance in bed.; as in "I was really drunk and tired, and she negbanged me to all her friends."


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u get negged for writing overly optimistic posts.

a few of the typical responses from actual mgobloggers:

Posted on: September 7th, 2009 at 11:10 AM#39
The King of Belch

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Iwas Ready to Grant the OP Some Leeway... his posting alias is King of Belch not King of Blogging, and yet he negged me for being as snarky as he and a few others such as:

on: September 6th, 2009 at 7:56 PM#5

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Who gave Lou Holtz an MgoBlog
Who gave Lou Holtz an MgoBlog account??

A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something. - Plato

plegerize received 16 points for that smart ass remark.

and last but not least:

Posted on: September 6th, 2009 at 7:52 PM#1
West Texas Blue

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Please stop posting. Thank
Please stop posting. Thank you. That is all

+6 for biggest smart ass and the true "King of Blog".

Steve Levy Sucks

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will be showing up in the urban dictionary by next year. Not only that, if you don't check yourself you'll find yourself using it without even realizing it.

I was having a coversation with my brother last week about his pending divorce and said without even thinking 'you had better becareful or she'll negbang you for that'. He was like 'wtf does that mean'. Anyways.........