QB Winning Percentage

Submitted by jamiemac on October 26th, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Chad Henne was the QB for MICH for 4 years. Win percentage as starter, 70.2%

Denard is in his 3rd season as starting QB for MICH. Win percentage as starter,  69.6%

Just think those numbers are interesting.

Go Blue, Beat Nebraska



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Easily my shortest post of original content at MGo ever

the quality of league/quality of suppoting cast contrast we could talk about forever.

I dont think Henne losses that much, if ever, against the current Big 10. Then again, give Denard Braylon, Avant, Breaston, Manningham, Arrington, Hart, etc etc etc I dont think he'd ever lose a game



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I know I'll get flamed for this but give Denard Braylon, Avant, Breaston, Manningham and Arrington and every single one of them transfer... Or sign with OSU, MSU or PSU. 

I couldn't help it.  Neg away!


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. . . because a review of MGoBlog this week would reveal that Denard is an inaccurate passer, a poor decision-maker, can't read defenses, and shouldn't be trusted with any reads, audibles, or game management of any sort.  Not only that, but the rest of the offensive side of the ball is basically bereft of talent, with the possible exception of one lineman.  So, Jamie, your winning percentage stats must be wrong.

Man, that 2011 OSU game seems like such a distant memory.


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"..would reveal that Denard is an inaccurate passer, a poor decision-maker, can't read defenses, and shouldn't be trusted with any reads, audibles, or game management of any sort."

Then what is it?!  It's just a random decision to gameplan the way they have been?!  Not saying the above is always true (Denard can and does makes some great throws, even in the clutch) but looking at an overall package one might find that to be somewhat of accuarate description.


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The reason that a lot of black quarterbacks have traditionally struggled throwing the ball on a pro style passing tree has nothing to do with lack of intelligence or ability. The number one reason is simple: how they're brought up within the game of football. Most quarterback that are great athletes typically start out within the game of football at a skill position. Even if they start out as a quarterback they're primarily used as a running back that throws simple swings and out passes with the occasional deep pass. As they progress they realize the success they have on the ground and it becomes a bailout. Why stand in the pocket and go through professions when he can just take off and make plays? In high school they finally start to get taught how to properly throw the ball and how to read and react to defenses. However old habits are hard to break and majority of the time they go back to relying on that athleticism. By the time they finally reach the collegiate level they are very much behind the 8 ball as far as how fundamentally sound they are in the passing game. Watching Denard over the years you can see his development for sure but you can also see him revert back to what he knows best. The zone read and throwing off his back foot is case in point. It's such a simple read yet routinely Denard gives when he should keep and keeps when he should give. Denard is at his best when he just reacts without thinking too much. Now more then ever young athletic quarterbacks can go to elite camps across the country and develop as a quarterback that can run and not a running back that can throw. I think going forward you're going to see a lot more guys like RG3 and cam newton because of the coaching available to these kids. I love Denard and I am going to cry on senior day and the last game of his career but his fundamentals in the passing game are still very far behind where he should be. It's frustrating watching him still throw off his back foot when he actually steps into the throw he has accuracy and nfl caliber arm strength. Unfortunately for Denard the nfl is a cut throat business. He will certainly be deployed like a brad smith or Antwan randal el. The quarterback position is changing rapidly and in just a few years the mannings, and elways of the world will be the minority.


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 Most J.V , High school and pee wee teams put their best athelete at the QB position. A large majority of high school QB's can't throw the ball to save their lives and thats why so many high school offenses run 70-80% of the time. Even high schools with a 5 star college prospect at the QB position tend to throw less than college teams with a "terrible" QB.

  The Nfl right now is overflowing with QB talent. offenses are passing more with a lot more success than in years passed. Manning, Brees , Brady, Stafford, Matt Ryan and Aaron rodgers still continue to carve up NFL secondarys. RG3 will be a star in the NFL for many years not because he can run but because he can throw accurately and takes care of the football. Cam Newton.... not so much. 

  You can't run the ball with your QB in the NFL too much unless you really don't like him or have no other choice. Look at Michael Vick for instance, the fastest guy to play the QB position in the NFL but after a few big injuries he doesn't run like he used to. Instead he tends to trust his arm. RG3 has already missed time in his rookie season