QB Recruiting - Kevin Doyle Update / Tidbits

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I live in the Washington, DC area and wanted to share update / tidbit on class of 2018 QB recruit Kevin Doyle.  I know there has been a lot of doom and gloom here about the state of current QB and O-line play, but I think this news is encouraging and I think QBs that Harbaugh and staff have recruited will eventually pan out like we all want them to. 

Anyway, on my way into work, I had 106.7 THE FAN on and the Sports Junkies, a group of 4 regular hosts from the area, were on.  All of these guys went to DeMatha High School, a powerhouse prep school you might have heard of - massive NBA and, to lesser extent, college football pipeline school.  They almost always field competitive football teams on par with Good Counsel high school (Stefon Diggs, Blake Countess, etc).   The hosts of this morning show are, as expected, massive homers and super proud supporters of DeMatha athletics.    

Anyway, one of the hosts attended the DeMatha-St. John's game this past Saturday and, for what it is worth, said that "Kevin Doyle is the best high school QB he's ever watched live".  The host said he was tall, athletic, saw the entire field well and "could make all the throws".  Noted that he's going to Michigan and that he thinks he'll be a very good QB at the next level.  Host said he "wished he was at DeMatha right now".   

St. John's is the favorite to win the WCAC (private school division) in the DC-area this year.  You might remember Kevin Hogan and his pretty good career at Stanford?  Kevin Doyle is coming from that same competition level (Hogan attended a rival school in DC).    

Washington Post credits him with 266 yards in the air, 2 TDs, 1 INT and 22 of 33 passing. 

Washington Post article (https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/highschools/all-access-with-demat…)



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hmm I dunno, maybe when his QB recruits aren't freshmen or redshirt freshmen? 

Also, we were "fine" at QB the last two years with all time Michigan single season completion % record holder, 2016 Citrus Bowl MVP and NFL draft pick Jake Rudock, well as well 3rd team all Big Ten Wilton Speight the last two years. 



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Just based on the video progression I saw from his junior highlights to now:

Junior year: tall/gangly looking and could sling, and then deceptively mobile... like the nerdy kid you didnt know could beat your ass.

Recent highlights: filled out a bit of muscle on his frame, slings even better


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You understand that outside of the dozen or so of you guys who think you own this board the rest of us couldn't care less about being negged or accumulating MGoPoints. This obsession is partially responsable for ruining nearly every good football discussion on this board.  Obviously contradicting myself but most threads would be alot more productive if people only posted when they had something worth while to add to the actual op topic.



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My buddy (who many here likely know but shall remain nameless) who covers the beat for an SEC team and formerly a B1G team, said he watched Doyle and he raved about him last year before he burst on the scene with some bigger offers. Alabama, Georgia and a few others were calling along with Michigan.


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Full marks for humor, but it's early to suggest that Peters is a washout.

And for people who want to offer up "what abouts", I'll pre-empt that and say there's a lot of QBs who hit their stride in years 4 and 5.  Griese, Brady (/kneels), Rudddddock come to mind quickly.


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"Michigan's Andrew Luck"

I think this is where Harbaugh may need to "re-invent" himself or his offensive philosephies, just a little bit. Maybe get a couple different style QB's , and make opponents spread their focus over 2 guys, rather than 1. Joe Milton, the Tempo offense, and Kevin Doyle the ProStyle