QB handclapping issue

Submitted by UMdad on August 18th, 2009 at 3:22 PM

I am getting used to the spread, but I am having a hard time watching our QB's clap their hands before every snap. I don't know if it is just a wierd pet peave of mine, or if you guys dislike it, too, but I have a hard time believing that it is an essential part of the offense. I wish they would get their feet set and yell set, hike. Maybe if things go well and they are clapping before TD runs instead of 3 yard losses it won't bother me so much this year, but who knows?



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You're not the only one, but fortunately, from what I've read, the handclap will be gone this year. There were no handclaps in the spring game from what I remember.

Also, I'd heard that the handclap was more of an "I'm ready" signal than anything else -- the center at that point had the discretion to snap the ball at any time after the handclap, not exactly after. Granted, offsides calls were down from the previous year, I believe, but it worked to our benefit on several plays where the center held the ball for longer than usual.


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Just as annoying as when Henne used to hold his index fingers up before every play as he looked at the line formation, a la Peyton Manning. That always annoyed me.


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It definitely goes right along with the Henne finger-pointing or flapping arms almost like quieting the crowd... It doesn't piss me off too much I just think its funny to imitate.


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i always wondered why RR's qbs did that. other shotgun qbs will lift a foot to signal to their centers that they're ready. still kinda goofy-looking, but at least they don't look like kindergarteners at the zoo.


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LSAT Question: Which of the following is an assumption UMDad uses to bolster his notion of disliking and having a hard time watching the QBs clap their hands before the snap:

A) The clapping of the hands has nothing to do with the actual football plays being run and isn't something RichRod had the QBs do per the rules of the offensive scheme they had in place.
B) Blueberries
C) Not good enough
D) Potent Potables
E) jorts


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I thought this thread was going to be technical.

Instead, it said, "It annoys me when quarterbacks clap their hands."

Thanks for that.