QB Competition Update

Submitted by laus102 on April 3rd, 2018 at 10:29 AM

Was riding home in an Uber last night when driver told me he picked up one of our tight ends a couple days ago.  Said he had to ask about the QB competition, TE said McCaffrey has passed Peters.  So looks like Patterson, (Speight???...are you leaving or staying?), McCaffrey, Peters, Milton. 

EDIT:  removed player details 



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I'm not sure 5 practices in or wherever we are is any real indicator, but if we are switching to more RPO and plays that can take advantage of the QB's ability to run for Patterson, I can see that McCaffery might pick that up quicker than Peters. 


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I don't doubt it. BUT, the thing about competition is that it's not necessarily static. It's still spring, Peters could very well pass him back by the end of fall camp. Either way, glad to see DM is doing well!!


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This is getting to be too much. Yes, we all know that umbig11 has a distinctive avatar.

The problem is that it is a rather conventional view of the Michigan football helmet, which is one of the most iconic uniform elements in all of sports. Our helmets are awesome. Of course people are going to use Michigan helmets as avatars. 

I mean, I get it, I see umbig11-like helmets and I double-take, too. But it's a Michigan helmet. We can't be harsh on people for using them. 


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It's a joke, man. Don't have to get all serious on us. Clearly, the guy can have whatever avatar he likes and we're also allowed to rib him and tell him to change it. I don't think anyone is being too harsh.


Btw, your post wasn't long enough, not up to your standards. Don't start slacking on us.


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You can have multiple dudes with the same numbers in the spring and fall. But the one who has earned the avatar on the field of battle, gets to keep it when the season starts. You are going to need a miracle to win the helmet avatar from umbig11.


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I get this feeling that while we are all letting our hopes and dreams rest on Patterson's eligibility, that the final outcome would be much more prosaic and McCaffrey would end up winning the starting job anyway.


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My Uber told me that Gentry was switching back to QB and McCaffrey was moving to TE to take Gentry's reps.  Apparently the depth chart is: 1. Gentry  2. Sessa 3. Jacob West 4. Gary 5. Dwumfor.


April 3rd, 2018 at 10:37 AM ^

I heard Gentry moved back to QB and is currently sitting at #1 on the depth chart. He is just creating a smokescreen so ND can’t prep for him.

LOL, just a little late.