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Who do you see starting next year? I am excited about devin because he is a vince young type of player, does he have a chance of starting now that he is enrolled. Tate is a good QB but idk if he is fast enough to give us long runs and be effective with the zone read,and need to cut down on stupid mistakes. What do you do with Denard keep him at QB?



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Essentially, Tate is our a guy. Denard, God love him. I think he could be a strong QB, who knows. But, I think he's more talented with the ball in his hands, than he is delivering the ball to someone else's hands.

You'll hear a lot of echoes saying use him as a Percy Harvin type. I'd still have him in at QB, (he'll be the 3rd most experienced, 2nd most effective QB on our roster.) But, I'd involve him more on the field at other positions as well.

Devin, ideally we can get away with red-shirting the kid. Year 2, he'll battle it out with Tate, likely share snaps but not start. This is the year we can officially roll Denard out of the QB position (assuming he doesn't come out of no where and dominate as a QB!)


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brought it up. Do players generally get faster when they enroll? Most of the Hello:? topics have been gain so much weight and maintain speed. In college do most of these players get faster or is it more of putting on weight and just trying to keep the speed they had in high school?


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it was but I changed it because someone liked the cock rodeo instead. Shes amazing not in a OMG shes so hot kind of way. If it wasnt for her UM wouldnt have gone anywhere near where they went she's a great hitter.


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It's possible to get faster by improving mechanics, however generally when you put on 20+ lbs it will slow you down even if it is all muscle. Muscle might help with acceleration, but it probably doesn't make you a whole lot quicker. So if most of these guys can grow into a college/ professional football player bodies, while maintaining their existing speed that's a win.

Maize and Blue…

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Very seldom do you see HS players who have actually trained their quick twitch fiber muscles. These are the muscles which will help you with speed. One of the reasons is I have yet to see a machine designed specifically for this purpose.
Given that, it is still possible for players to put on weight and maintain their current speed or even improve.

Dark Blue

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Uh? I dont even know how to respond to this.

I think Nick Sheridan gets the starting job, I know this because I am a random idiot poster who knows way more than anyone on the Michigan coaching staff.


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I miss my days of teaching and grading research papers at Arizona State. Thanks for the flashback. This would have been one to share with my friends.

The general board consensus re: your question can be found in Brian's post on the front page. Yes, Devin is faster than Tate and has been compared to VY. However, most agree Tate is currently a better option and DG (and the long term interests of the team) would benefit from a redshirt.


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Best case scenario.- Tate holds on the starting job, we use DR as some kind of "wildcat" QB and wr/rb a la Percy Harvin, and give him a shot as QB when the games are already decided. DG redshirts.

Not the best case scenario.- Tate goes down (due to an injury or somehow looks bad enough to lose the starting job) and DR and DG split snaps while we figure out who will move the offense better, we could see another 2008 QB dynamics in the team with one QB playing better than the other in a game, going down, and the other way around.

Worst case scenario.- Tate goes down and DR keeps plyaing as he played last year, we end up with our third year in a row having a QB with no experience in college and miss again a bowl game.


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I think DG will be good. Probably better than Tate, when it's all said and done. I do not think, however, that at any point before Tate graduates, DG will be better than Tate. Tate is a year older and more experienced than DG, and also came to M more prepared to play than DG is right now, so Tate is essentially 2 years ahead of DG.

After this fall, DG will be coming off his RS frosh year, still a little spotty with his mechanics and with a decent grasp on the playbook, and Tate will have 2 years starting experience and the playbook essentially mastered. I think Tate is too far ahead to catch up.

That's why DG redshirts and starts for 3 years after Tate is gone. Best case scenario.


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Also, Tate's not fast enough for long runs? He had a 30 or so yard TD run on 4th down last year where we was outrunning defenders (seemingly athletic ones, it was against ND). What does he need to be fast enough? A 90 yard run? He's no Denard, but he's still quite fast, fast enough to run the offense, that's for sure.


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Tate's decision making is one of the big reasons he will start next year. He also has the no fear thing about him. Sure he hit the freshmen wall toward the end of the year, but i have faith. But one thing i have noticed is that tate doesnt play as well in the cold. That worries me a little.