Q for TomVH?? Trouble at Dr Phillips involving Varisty team, news??

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I hate to be the one to ask about bad news...  A friend told me tonight of an issue at Dr Phillips.  A boy who lived in/played for our school district here in Carolina moved to the Dr Phillips district last year and is now playing for their Freshman team.  He was just physically assaulted (??differing versions out there as to severity - hazing to serious beating??) in a varsity lockerroom incident, and his family appears to be looking for serious repercussions. So far, only one Varsity player has been disciplined, but it sounds like numerous players were involved.  It sounds really bad, I'm wondering if you've heard anything from any of the recuits??

The story I've been told is that he was asked by a coach to go get some equipment from the Varsity lockerroom, and by entering broke some unwritten rulle about "no freshmen".





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This is a potentially major criminal thing. Potential recruits are not going to talk to TomVH about it. No doubt, their parents and lawyers have told them to keep their traps shut.

Edit: after reading this, it's horrible, and I'm sure that if it's true and any M recruits were involved, their offers will be dropped. But do keep in mind a few things:

Most of the reports of what actually took place are coming from the kid's dad, who is looking for large sums of money. Yes, somebody attacked him, likely from the team, and those people are in serious crap, as they should be. But seriously... you honestly believe the kid would go into the locker room with the coach, and the coach would ALLOW him to be beat up like that? Guys that irresponsible don't become the head football coach at a major high school program.


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...let's wait until we hear what happened before we jump to any conclusions

...how about opening with "Paging Tom VH" OP since a post with Tom VH is his tagline.

...one more reason for the "are you sure" button after you hit save.


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with the others.


On topic: If any guys were offered and I don't care who they are, they should not attend UM. They can go to MSU where people will be waiting outside the plane for them to arrive. That is acceptable behavior there, but it is not here at Michigan. Having said that, I would think that these guys would know what they had to lose and wouldn't partake in this type of thing. Once and if details come out then I will make judgement. I already have some sort of opinion but with the details notbeing out, I am not going to throw it out there.


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i agree with everyone else.  And you would hope that these kids would be smarter than this.  Especially ones who have a chance to go to school for free to play football.  i would be very surprised if anyone known to us was involved.


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I was there
We did absolutely nothing to that kid, so before you guys go off and start saying all your stuff know that that kids mom before all this even happened beat the whole team with a stick and right after this happened she drove on the field and almoast ran over the freshmen football team and almoast hit the varsity team. the kid was absolutely fine he walked out the locker room laghing and said "god damn". his mother has sued a school before for the same thing and lost so u really think its real i think not? they didnt choke him, or throw him in a trash can or kicked or anything they threw a chair at him but it didnt hit him it missed by a landslide! He was absolutely fine his mother shouold get charged for attemped murder! Me, i have a locker in there so i saw it. we get louder when we rap than when that happened and that place was surrounded by coaches and they even said it wasnt loud enough for them to even say anything , and yeah its an unwritten rule but the coaches say it EVERYDAY! and if you in there, they will tell you go get out and if you keep going then that happens and if coach would have seen him he would have told him to go in there. So before you go off and call us bullies learn your facts thank you very much. ~ James.
This was the comment I saw that stood out. I'm gonna let the facts play out, and then evaluate the situation.


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really IS telling. If the parents do have a history of attempting to sue the school on poor or false allegations, then this is probably more of the same.

Then again, the kid evidently did have a concussion, or so said their doctor. Interesting, but truth be told, way too muddy. Unless some of our recruits' names turn up, I don't care.


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Feel free to jump to conclusions about kids in high school simply because an article is published in a local newspaper.  While you're at it, go ahead and assume everything in print is true.  That's a smart thing to do.  I seem to remember an 8-part story in the Free Press about Michigan committing numerous major NCAA violations that would doom the football program.  That sure turned out to be 100% on the money, eh?

P.S.  If you're going to correct someone's grammar and/or typos, at least do it right.  For future reference, you correct a typo by using brackets and citing the entire portion of the sentence in question (e.g. "If I [were] you . . .").  That grammar lesson is free.  The next one will cost you $575/hour.


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Something tells me if this were a big deal for our recruits we'd know about it already. This story was published September 8th and it is now October 1st. I'd assume the investigation has been completed by now. No way a huge red flag like that flies under the radar until now for some high profile recruits. Don't think there should be much cause for concern.


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If the school district made up it's mind already (per article it took about a week), and disciplined only one kid, it's done as far as "team punishment"/newsworthiness goes. 

If it's now in the hands of out-of-school attorneys it could take a considerable amount of time to unfold.

I hope this is some deranged parents looking for $$ and it goes away quietly, but I gotta believe this has more to come. 

I only bring it up now, because word is just getting around up here about it, hence my inquiry to Tom.


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The Freep 'writers' will be working round the clock for the next several days writing scathing articles about each of the Dr. P players, so they can immediately publish when someone commits to M.  meanwhile, in east lansing.......


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that those that are strong possibilities for the Maize and Blue had nothing to do with this and those that did are not on our list.  For sure staying optimistic and I am just excited that we have a ton of them coming up for the Wisky game.


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calm down.  These things will work out.  If anyone we are looking at is involved, then they are doomed.  But that is about 10 steps down the path from here.

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Recall that Tom knows Mrs. Hart personally and talks to her on the phone from time to time.  I'm sure he would have been told about it at the very least.

Also note that the coaches have been offering/talking to numerous new recruits at DrP the past couple weeks (after the story broke).  Do you really think they would be pursuing these kids after this incident if it was a team-wide issue?  And yes, there's no way our coaches don't know about this issue if it is in any way important to the guys we are looking at.


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My first thought was it's similar the Conway story, offered well after the fact, yet also largely before the story became well known in these parts. 

I decided to post it, solely, as I said, because it just became news in my area/I never heard anything of it to this point.  Was just looking for some assurance it was well in the background already, just like the his story.