Pure speculation: Would the loser of the Tate/Denard battle transfer?

Submitted by wolverine1987 on August 22nd, 2009 at 11:59 AM

Pure speculation, but let's say that by years end one of the two has established himself as the clear starter (Chitown has recently predicted that Denard, will be starter by year end, which prompted my thought here). Wouldn't the loser of that battle, being second team, and understanding that DG, a likely 5 star QB, is coming next year, reasonably conclude his future playing opportunities are slim to none? And given the current landscape in college football, particularly with QB's, then decide to transfer? I think the answer is likely yes. What do you think?



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We will cross that bridge when/if we get to it ... as for now it is just nice to have a good QB competition between two young kids that both have ability to fit the system.

El Trotsky

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Hopefully Denard would just move to a different position. Tate would be stupid not to consider transferring if it became apparent he would be seeing little time after the year ended and had other options.


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Both Robinson and Forcier came in knowing that there would be competition. Gardner in all likelihood will get a redshirt. I also don't think that either Forcier or Robinson will get the bench for their career behind one of the other. As RR has said multiple times - if you are talented enough to play, you will. Either Forcier will get the go and Robinson will be used for special packages, or Robinson will get the go and Forcier will be used for special packages. Gardner I don't think will matter because assuming Forcier and Robinson play for 3-4 years Gardner will come in, get a redshirt, then be a backup for 1-2 years and start for 2-3. And honestly if one transfers that means that the other one is really really really good - so I'm fine with that as well.

david from wyoming

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Okay, you're crazy. Tate/Denard will undergo growing pains this year as true freshman. No matter which one (or both) end up with significant amount of snaps, why would we bench sophomores and go through more of the same growing pains next year with another true freshman?


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boeckman was a 3 star kid who OSU put in because they basically had no one else. So the situations are a little different. You aren't going to bench Henne because Mallet comes in. On top of that Gardner is no better of a passer than Forcier and no better of a runner than Robinson. Gardner, in fact, of all three is probably the worst at throwing. It just isn't going to happen unless 1 already transfers or both get injured.


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Boeckman's star rating means NOTHING in this conversation. He played well as a junior in '07 and took OSU to the MNC game. He was benched in '08 in favor of a very talented freshman in Terrelle Pryor. I believe that Devin Gradner is in the same mold as Pryor or Vince Young. It is very possible that Gardner earns playing time as a true freshman.

david from wyoming

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I would say last year for OSU was a different situation. My biggest assumption is that either Tate or Denard (or both) end up being a good choice as qb. If both aren't productive this year, then I think trying another true freshman could happen.

With that said, I don't see how that will happen. Even if both have bad seasons, Tate/Denard will have the entire off season and I think that in 12 months one (or both) have the talent to end up as a better qb then a true freshman.


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They both came to Michigan knowing that there would be another QB in the class, and even the loser of the battle is 1 injury away from seeing the field. If Denard is the loser of the battle, he'd much more likely be switched to a different position (or continue as a QB in an ISQD-style role) than transfer.


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I have always been a little worried about Tate tranfering. You just have to look to his brothers to see that it runs in the family. While I am not saying I think he will transfer and I know its unfair to group him with his brothers, but it has to raise a minor red flag.

Durham Blue

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If DR clearly wins the battle, and with DG coming next year, I believe Tate would transfer. And not the other way around because I believe DR can be successful at other positions. Tate is the youngest of the Forcier brothers and he will likely represent the family's last shot at the NFL. Tate is obviously a confident kid and the Forcier track record is difficult to ignore. I just don't think he would stick around.


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...they are exactly why I expect to see 2-QB systems become more prevalent in college ball. Between the "me" age and the internet age, most decent HS players seem to have a sense of entitlement now, and if they don't start right away, they are more likely to transfer than they used to be.

I think coaches will begin to figure out that it is in their best interests to make sure backups get playing time so they don't want to transfer. While I expect Robinson to have a more Tebow-esque (without Mother Teresa status) role this season, I can see QB's sharing the position in more of a 60-40 or 70-30 ratio within a couple of years. All it will take is for one team to be successful with it, and the others will follow like ants toward a bag of brown sugar.

I think it would be sorta cute for the "Godfather of the spread option" to also become the "Godfather of the two-QB system." I know that this has failed for other coaches in the past, but the situations are different. When you have a passing QB who can run a little and a running QB who can pass in a competent manner, it's a lot different than having, for example, a John Navarre and a Michael Taylor rotating the position.

I hope we see the seeds take root against OSU. That would be a great time to spring a little surprise.


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I think we should start complaining, in advance in the case of DG coming in next year, about how we might possibly have THREE QBs that can run this offense very well, and the loser this year might transfer. It's not like we can do anything about it, so we should devote about 3 threads a day to it.


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Only three threads a day? We need one thread each for each one of the athletes plus one thread to discuss the situation as a whole, plus a thread to criticize Coach Rodrigues for getting us into this situation, another thread to discuss how this will impact recruiting, perhaps two threads for that, because we need adequate discussion of its impact on both instate and national recruiting, a thread discussing how this will help MSU own us once and for all time, one angry flame thread where someone gets negged into oblivion and then perhaps a meta thread discussing why we are discussing all of this...repeat daily and it should make Brian a rich man...


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Simple,if Tate succeeds and goes into the 2010 season as the starter, Denard will swith positions ie. WR or DB and Gardner will be the back up..If denard excels in 2009 and goes into 2010 as the starter, Tate may stay around depending on Gardners situation ie. RedShirt, if not Forcier will transfer..


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1. Antonio Bass
2. RR has stated and (youtube video from yesterday)implied he will play 2 qbs if they deserve snaps. He has no issue with this until someone distances themselves from the competition.
This will not happen because they both have different skill sets. Tate is a great passer with good mobility and DR is a good passer with great mobility.
3. DR is just a pure athlete and could play 3 different positions a be a nightmare to play against.


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Or let's let what is going to happen.... happen? I mean anointing Tate or Denard as a starter or a bust without taking a snap is an exercise in futility. And then to be bringing a kid yet to start his senior year of high school into it... oh my.


August 22nd, 2009 at 1:05 PM ^

the possibility of being the starter at Michigan with National Championships on the horizon will keep them here. As stated above, every player, especially QBs in this offense are one injury away from taking the field.


August 22nd, 2009 at 1:17 PM ^

I have been thinking the same thing as well. And every time I read that RR and his staff are still pursuing other highly ranked QBs for 2010 I begin to cringe just a little bit.

Just like beers and blow jobs, you can never have enough talented, capable QBs on your roster. That said there comes a point when one or two of these guys will either change positions to see more playing time or look to transfer.

In this day and age of sites like scout/rivals telling kids how good they are for years, pumping their egos, etc. I just don't see many "highly ranked" QBs reshirting or backing up for large portions of their eligible years.

Also when you factor in pressure from family, friends, "handlers" sometimes they feel that they have no choice but to do what they have to do to see the field more often. Don't think for a second that most of the people around these 4/5-star kids aren't thinking NFL.

All that said it's not a bad problem to have when all you care about is what happens on the field. However a part of me still feels that bringing in too many guys knowing a few will inevitably transfer is not the best idea for the student-athlete.

Go Blue.


August 22nd, 2009 at 1:26 PM ^

If we pay attention to Coach Rodrigues and the things he says, this sort of situation is intentional. It is plan to recruit and develop enough talent where there is genuine competition at every postion. He wants everyone on the team to be hungry having that understanding that if they do not perform continually at the highest level they will be replaced by someone who will. The players he is recruiting need to be comfortable opperating in that kind of environment. There is no entitlement and no guarenteed starters at any position. If an athlete cannot handle that they will move on.

As for depth, once this program is up and rolling it is unlikely that any QB will see the field before their junior year unless it is in a 2 QB rotation. I like what I have seen of Forcier, but if Robinson or Gardiner supplant him, then so be it if it it gives us a better chance to win.


August 22nd, 2009 at 3:54 PM ^

looking in i guess i could see it that way. but looking individually at each kid...
jason transferred because lefty told him they would put in some dual threat packages for him (didn't happen) then they recruited over him and brought in ryan mallett who was immediately made the backup to chad henne, i think you'd leave too.

chris transferred from ucla because he really didn't have a shot at playing QB there (they wanted him to switch to WR). if you want to play one position but the coaches want you to play something else what would you do?

so that being said, i don't think tate would transfer. he's at his dream school getting a real chance to compete for the starting position (that btw he's still the frontrunner for).

Gerald R. Ford

August 22nd, 2009 at 6:42 PM ^

He is getting the best possible chance to compete at the school he chose. If he does not win the job here, especially given the circumstances (no upper classmen in competition), how would he have a chance at another school playing at this level and in this style? The answer would be that he would have to take a step down, and I don't see him doing that. I get the sense that Tate stays and fights for the job.