Purdue pulls offer for injured player, is banned

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Does Tiller want to advise the world on exactly what his definition of snake oil is? WR AJ King had his scholarship offer from Purdue pulled b/c of the type of surgery he had to repair his knee (used cadaver ilo own tendon). His high school coach has righteously and awesomely banned Purdue from their school.  Before you begin with the excuses, read the coach's comments.

Magnus I read on TTB that you're going to a conference where Hope will speak. You don't have to beat his ass, but a question on this issue wouldn't be out of bounds.



James Burrill Angell

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Although I wasn't a D1 recruit, I had f-ed up knees and lost my HS sophomore season to injury. I played injury free as a junior and senior but the schools that offered me to play all demanded to see my MRI and doctors reports and, after looking at them conditioned my offers on the fact that I had to have knee surgery (which I didn't do after the initial injury because the doctor said if I rested it, it would at least be OK by spring versus surgery which could knock me out further) and then prove to the team physician they were strong enough to play football on. 

I guess the way Coach Hope did it as it was described was B.S. BUT the schools can't take someone who isn't in physical condition to play. It opens them up to liability.


Danny Hope is still a douchebag though!


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"BUT the schools can't take someone who isn't in physical condition to play"

That's an excuse, it's fine to pull a scholly when a player is still looking around, but once they've committed pulling it is scummy. Besides Purdue only has 14 committments I highly doubt they need to drop him in order to make room. This is etremely sleazy.

Besides didn't Rodriguez let Elliot Mealer keep his scholly even if he couldn't play anymore... thank goodness it didn't come to that but the point is that Elliot's injury was pretty dang bad and he got to keep his scholarship, why can't King keep his? He doesn't have to play football just because he has a scholarship.

James Burrill Angell

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I thought the one who was nearly crippled in the car accident was the younger brother Brock. Elliott is still on the team as a redshirt soph.

They also have a limited amount of scholarships.


Its sleazy. Don't get me wrong. But I still get it on some level and it happens a lot if the injury is the kind of thing that is career threatening which this is.


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Elliot tore his shoulder really bad trying to get Brock out of the car. Rodriguez told Elliot he could keep his scholarship even if he never played football again, which aparently was a concern at the time. That's why he's a RS soph. he redshirted that first year while recovering from surgery.

I know they have a scholarship limit, but with 14 commitments right now they don't look like their going to hit the ceiling... maybe they are I don't know, but that doesn't really excuse it

EDIT: they only have a few left (http://www.hammerandrails.com/2010/12/20/1887061/purdue-football-recrui…).


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I think Hope is pretty much the #1 douchiest Big 10 coach, but how do the rest shake out? 

Here's my top 3:

1. Hope (this and the "let me introduce you to my player" bush league from last season)

2. Bret Beilema (let's run up the score on everyone!) 

3. Dantonio (it's like he has a permanent smirk on his face)


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Is just a huge mess. 
I get it, Hope is in a heap of trouble for the APAHG (Angry Purdue ACL Hating God) season that hejust had, and his job is on the line etc.

THat being said, seems like you can't pull the offer for a kid after he commits.



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That doesn't even make sense. I've had more than one such surgery, and the cadaver usually means a stronger joint and faster healing. At least that us why my surgeon told me, and considering he was the team orthopedic surgeon for the Red Wings and Pistons, I tens to trust him in such matters.


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It really shouldn't be a surprise. Hope is douche. Seriously, that was actually him in the 04 election episode of South Park, and also when he was nominated for the biggest douche in the universe award. He likes to portray himself.


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Good to see that the kid at least has some other descent offers.  I'm sure he'll land on his feet but this is a pretty classless move by Hope.  Would like to see King go to another Big Ten school just so he could  meet Hope at midfield after a beat down to thank him for pulling his scholly.


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I'm sure there is more to the story than the 2 paragraphs used in the article, but unless the kid didn't qualify academically or a host of doctors said "you will never play again on that knee", Purdue should have honored the scholarship offer at least the first year and seen what they had with him.  I'm going to be blind to the realities of the big-time college football business, but Purdue doesn't have a very impressive class and I'd think you rather take a chance on a kid who comes from a good HS team than sour that relationship because some of your current players were also recovering.  


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I feel really bad for the kid, especially since it happened just one month from signing day. I must say I'm not surprised at all based on Hope's past behavior.


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In an ideal world, Michigan would pick up this kid's scholarship, and then Bellomy and King would romp all over a Danny Hope-less Purdue team en route to a 2014 MNC.


I'm gonna pretend that's what did happen no matter what.

great slight hope

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Here's wha tthe coach said:

“They flew A.J. up there to Purdue, everybody wowed him, told him they loved him and all that,” Callahan said. “Then, after he came home, they pulled him, without ever talking to our doctors, without ever talking to our trainers.

“It’s completely unprofessional. In all my years as a coach, I’ve never, ever have seen something done to a kid like this.”

Dang, that is cold.


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This is a sad day for the conference.  I feel badly for this kid and the situation that's developed around him.  I hope he manages to overcome this setback and gets the opportunity to pursue his dreams at a different school.

Oh yeah, fuck Danny Hope.  I want to see a traditional 3-TD win at the Big House this year.  10-29-11.  Marking it on my calendar.


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I'm going with Michigan - 45, Purdue - 6. Afterwards Brady Hoke brings Jordan Kovacs (who had two INTs, 11Tkls, 3Tfls, and a sack) to the handshake and explains to Hope why you don't give up on someone because they injured their knee.

A.J. King is watching from his dorm at Minnesota, Iowa, FIU, or wherever and starts singing: