Purdue Might get Siller Back this Week...

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"We're going to start off assuming Sean is the guy we're going to get ready until we can see Justin run some," Hope said. "We've warmed him up throwing the ball, but he wasn't able to run on Saturday. Rob is a ways away."



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My bad... I don't even mind any of that...  it's the post game antics, I'm surprised RR didn't punch him in the face... and the OL, too, was a punk about it... "really appreciate what you did for me coach." 

I seriously doubt RR has forgotten any of this.  Michigan is ...as Roundtree suggested rather comically... hungry.  There is no letting up this week.


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Someone who thinks RichRod is responsible for another team's personal fouls and dirty play.  Rich just wanted fair enforcement of rules on both sides (in a different game vs. ND, mind you) and Hope wanted favortism for his team even though dirty play is more likely to injure players.  Danny "Integrity" Hope is the man!

Reminds me of celebrities who get arrested for doing something stupid and whining about how their stiff sentence is only because they are in the public eye, and the judge wants to set an example for the general public.  Well, that was only the effect.  The cause was the crime.  So if you don't want a criminal sentence, don't commit the crime.  Done and done.


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when I took intro to psych at purdue for a humanities requirement, I had a fair amount of Purdue football players in my class. Ironically they were all organizational and leadership majors...

they are all not dumb though. The starting DE from my sophomore year and on, was in my honors physics courses. He wasn't the best student in my graduating class in physics, but he could handle himself with linear algebra, Diff Eq, and calculus.


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That 2008 defense was still statistically better than this one. I assume we are not making some dramatic new scheme change this week to create chaos on the field like we did on the last trip there.

Wolverine Pride

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It won't matter who their QB is, the rest of the team is not that good and I am willing to bet a large sum that they will not be able to contain our offense.  Our D should be able to carry some mo with  the finish they had.

Here's hoping RR introduces Hope to an ass whoopin!


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Here's where the George Costanza philosophy comes in.  The defensive staff should watch the 2008 Purdue game tape, and do the exact opposite.


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I also expect he'll be still hurt and not ready  to go. I wouldn't put it past Hope at all to play a kid at a severe risk of additional injury if he thought it might help him win.

Blue in Seattle

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but way to support all your players.

The Boilermakers need protection in case Robinson is injured. Hope said the No. 2 quarterback against the Badgers was walk-on Skyler Titus."He was way down on the depth chart when this whole thing started," Hope said of Titus. "That's why we're hoping to get some good news this week on some of the other guys at that position."

I prefer watching these guys with mustaches instead,


J. Lichty

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drop to the floor, curl up in the fetal positiion and sob uncontrollably. 

The hope is that RR got his annual dalliance with the bastardized 3-3-5 out of his system at PSU and that Siller will not be the juggernaut that he was 2 years ago and that McGloin was last week.