Perkis-Size Me

December 4th, 2012 at 6:25 PM ^

Here's to hoping it works out for them. I was hoping Purdue would approach this coaching search guns blazing and maybe go after a guy like Narduzzi or Kirby Smart (even though Smart is too good for Purdue), but who knows, maybe this will prove to be a great hire.


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2012 Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year, only losses were to Kentucky and #18 Northern Illinois(in 2 OT), and beat everyone else including Rutgers. Jim Tressel Wide Receivers coach from 2004-2010

Pretty good hire imo.


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Hazell will give them just enough wins 4-7 to justify keeping him too long and not really threatening us.

Good luck to him as ND goes into full glory and Wilson keeps a few more 4* at IU.

Beckmann and Hazell can fight for table scraps.


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Purdue fan retweeting BlackAndGold, which is the Purdue Rivals site, I think. Tweets like this are starting to appear with some frequency now, though many media outlets are simply saying "not so fast" on the Hazell talk, and a few are saying an agreement might still be possible. Lots of people still reporting these talks in some stage of finality / collapse / the tweet below -


EDIT: There's also Tim May from the Columbus Dispatch:

This is one big ball of confusion right now.

LATE EDIT: BTN going with "Hazell To Purdue" as of a few minutes ago -


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scroll to the latest comments in the link from OP to see the saga unfold

Not sure how to embed tweets, but Goldandblack (purdue's rivals site) also tweeted about the holdup and at one point tweeted that Hazell told KSU players he's not leaving for purdue, but has taken down the tweet since then.

The holdup could be because of contractual negotiations, but could also be Hazell waiting out on other openings (potential opening at cinci - Hazell is Ohio guy and probably want to stay in state and join/be successor of Meyer; also potential offers from Cal, Wiscy or Pitt if PC is gone to Wiscy)

There's still ppl claiming that the negotiations will get done today and Purdue has scheduled the press conference for tomorrow, but they really should try to seal the deal ASAP with dominoes falling at wiscy and with Butch Jones deciding soon


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So today's coaching round table has taught us:

SEC > Pac 12 > Big Ten = Big East > MAC

Congratulations, Mr. Delany, the Big Ten has certainly been improving under your watch.



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The Purdue fans seem to be really high on Hazell.  I admit, I don't know much about him, but I've looked at his resume.  Why such great enthusiasm?  Is it just that anybody would be better than Hope?  This, his second season as a HC has been a great season for him, but did he even recruit any of the starters?