Purdue does not have AC in Visitor Locker Room

Submitted by wildbackdunesman on September 23rd, 2017 at 8:51 PM

Purdue has AC in their home locker room, but no AC in the visitor locker room.

This seems like a dirt bag move by Purdue.

Harbaugh had the starters sit in the team bus with the AC on, as opposed to the locker room.

Purdue is in the B1G and can afford AC in both.  How common is this?  It seems like there should be rules against it.  If Purdue played us in late November in Ann Arbor, would it be okay to have the heat in their locker room just warm enough so the pipes don't freeze?





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Ok; screw "climate change"...  It's GLOBAL WARMING!!!!  Hottest July AND August ever in Montana where I live along with record breaking forest fires and rapidly disappearing glaciers in Glacier National Park.  Which is by no means the only proof we have from actual scientists.  It's only increasing and we should ALL be alarmed.  Whether we can do anything about it; I have no idea.  But it's happening.

How the fuck can people still be questioning this?  


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You would have to be a fool to believe that human activity has had zero effect on our climate. But the current religion of science does not have enough data to prove how impactful that effect actually is nor where it is taking us.

And if the free market is allowed to prevail, fossil fuels will be obsolete within a couple of decades anyway.


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Not gonna get into the climate change debate, because honestly, no one is going to "win" here. But on your point about the free market, it that is ALL that guides us, fossil fuels are still far, far more economically efficient than alternative energy sources. If we let those prices drive the market, they will dominate energy for at least decades to come... 


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I don't know how many decades it will take, could be two, could be ten, but I do know that there are people in the third world who live on pennies a day who burn cow shit to keep themselves warm and pump tons of CO2 into the atmosphere while I sit in my air conditioned man cave watching football on a 90 inch screen, and those folks don't give a fuck about where the climate is going. They just want to live to tomorrow. My point is, there are far more important things we could be investing our resources in.


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The science on climate change is in fact really really good. And we should take the predictions of climate scientists very seriously.

Go look up hansen's 1981 paper.

Then meditate on this. Scientists predicted the time and location of the eclipse well enough so that millions of people drove through insane traffic jams to go where they could see it.

Then consider the predicitions of weather scientists about the strength and landfall of harvey, irma, and maria.

But you think climate scientists dont know what they are talking about? Sorry, no sane person would believe your position, bruh.


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The problem is meteorologists, they are alledgedly highly educated with a strong background in science, but when they say its "85 Sunny with 0% chance of precipitation" and its 65 and raining, its hard to take them seriously. I mean they don't need million dollar equipment, they need a gosh darn window.

Why don't they have windows?


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sounds like one of those wierd Christian sects there. Science is clearly not religion. Religion requires faith, i.e. even if observation demonstrates otherwise THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. Science does not care about faith, if the observations support something different , the observations are correct.


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“Even though Antarctic sea ice reached a new record maximum this past September, global sea ice is still decreasing,” said Claire Parkinson, author of the study and climate scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “That’s because the decreases in Arctic sea ice far exceed the increases in Antarctic sea ice.”


I am a scientist, so I looked it up.


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I'm usually easy going about people going full anti-intellectual but let's be perfectly clear here: are you seriously questioning the legitimacy of peer reviewed academic work as a construct?

Next time you go in for surgery, take a medicine, get a vaccine (or maybe you don't, right? due to that bs science from grant recipients?), put fertilizer on the lawn, gas in the car or just buy some ground beef you can thank a peer reviewed, grant receivng scientist for keeping their career afloat. Hey, you're welcome tho...


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Yeah I am. Wife is a doctor who used to do research at UofM, then Pfizer. I'm not just basing this off some twisted prejudice.

Which brings me back to my original point that it annoys the heck out of me that if you question the doomsday "science" You are somehow anti-science. Isn't questioning the most scientific thing you can do?


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Well you called me anti-intellectual, more or less, so your intellectual brain obviously missed my point.

But really all I'm trying to say is, I'm not questioning anthropomorphic climate change at all. But the idea that it is happening at apocalyptic levels is a non sequitur to me. I don't buy it at all, and I'm certainly not willing to destroy our economy over it.