Punching Jim Kelly and DUI

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Is this really the type of person who we want coaching Michigan football:

1.  Punched Jim Kelly and had to miss several games - hurting his team because of the broken hand. 

"Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh broke a bone in his throwing hand Saturday when he punched former Buffalo Bills quarterback and current NBC-TV analyst Jim Kelly in the head because of negative comments Kelly made about Harbaugh a week earlier.  Harbaugh told ESPNEWS, "I regret throwing the punch, but I felt I had to do something since my toughness was being questioned."  http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-746436.html

2. Coach arressted for DUI during season

ENCINITAS, Calif. - University of San Diego football coach Jim Harbaugh was arrested early Sunday on a charge of drunken driving after being stopped for running a stop sign.

Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback, was released after 7½ hours at the Vista Detention Facility. He is to appear in court in December.

“I’m upset at myself about it, and more embarrassed for everyone else around me, the team,” Harbaugh said Wednesday. “My No. 1 concern is the players. I’m trying to set a good example for them. There’s a consequence for making poor decisions and now that applies to me.”   http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/9902673/

3. I was at Michigan when Harbaugh was quarterback.  One night he tried to get in a fight with one of my friends "Do you want to play 'fistball"? was the clever line he used. 

4.  He was a good quarterback.  And he may be a good coach (what was he in his third season something like 8-5?).  But I'm not sure what kind of a person he is.  I do know that I don't want to take the chance that his selfish and unstable behavior, as demonstrated over a long period of time, will embarrass our great university. 



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Is it possible for the MgoProgrammers to set up an automatic minus 1,000 points for any post with the name Harbaugh or Rodriguez in the body of the thread?

I would like to see that done please.  Consider that an urgent I.T. request. 


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Well, there have been occasions where I wanted to punch Jim Kelly through the TV and I laughed uproariously at the "fistball" line, so I'm probably not the one you should ask.  I've also known many good and otherwise responsible people who have got a DUI and learned from the experience to be better citizens (repeat DUI's are a much different story).  I also just read about one our current coaches, who is a hell of guy, emotionally distraught over the borderline scurillious attacks on his character inspired purely by the decision to hire him at Michigan and I would rather not continue that tradition if we see another coaching change.


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Jim never lost 5 games in his career , let alone in one season. You need to get your stats straight or Jim may be knocking on your door wanting to play fistball.

1984 3-1    Broke his wrist diving for fumble in the MSU game

1985 10-1-1    Beat ND,MSU,OSU.  Beat Nebraska in the Bowl Game  

1986 11-2   Beat ND,FSU,MSU,OSU .  Lost to ASU in the Bowl game, OSU hired ASU coach John Cooper. I will gladly take that loss in exchange for the Cooper years at OSU.

24-4-1 for the games he finished. Never lost to our three rivals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dont really care about the jim kelly/ dui stuff, but the interveiws i have seen harbaugh comes off as kind of a weird dude. Lot of short answers,awkward pauses,vacant stares. Rich rod seems like a guy you sit next to on a bar stool and talk all night,with harbaugh it would be nice day and then crickets. If he is a good coach who gives a shit he can be as weird as he wants, just an observation.


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and if he were to be the coach I would probably take a wait and see attitude before I was enthusiastic. I would not rule out a change of heart if appropriate. Treating a potential coach the way RR has been treated is the height of ignorance. Does JH deserve a break because he was a Michigan QB? In a word, yes. It isn't a wash for everything he has done, but if that is not worth something we need to pack up and go home.


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You do realize that none of those things happened within the past five years, right?

I support Rodriguez as much as anyone, but holy shit, this is just ridiculous.


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Yes I want him. I love the arrogance, I love the aggression, the desire to win, the don't take shit from anyone attitude.

I want a man not a little girl who keeps crying.

I want to hear those three magic words from Tressel "WHATS YOUR DEAL?"