PSU story in Wash Post-- JoPa should be arrested too

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This isnt from Bleacher Report. The Wash Post has a column of the coverup. Its not graphic about the details if the crimes, but there is a bit of that (not for squeemish).

But the clear conclusion is: JoPa himself knew and did nothing more than tell the AD.

The catcalls for JoPa's firing will start. They will need to totally clean house. This could set the whole program back if the try a tSIO defense and refuse to acknowledge it -- which it appears they are doing.…



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Just curious.  I won't read that report, as I am not sure I could stomach it.  But I just saw a tweet that apparently these kids were staying with Sandusky in hotel rooms for away games on PSU's dime.  How does a 12 year old kid stay in a hotel with a grown man and the parents don't know?  How did this dude orchestrate it so that these kids were allowed alone with him? I don't get it and I really don't want to have to dig through that report trying to find answers.


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It wasn't just for away games.  These boys also stayed in Sandusky's hotel room for bowl games as well.  And there many, many times where they slept over at Sandusy's house in his basement.

From what I could finish of that report, the boys who were part of "the Second Mile," came from absent or dysfunctional families.  So, I'm guessing the victims parents had their own issues in regards to noticing anything suspicious with these constant sleepovers.  Again, just a guess.  I could be wrong.

A random and bizarre mention in that report?  A feature on Sandusky was written in Sports Illustrated about his retirement in 1999, and one of the pictures in the article shows him posing with one of his victims. 


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correct.  and some of these events happened after the eariler reports in 1998, right?  There were some people in power who had heard allegations, and yet this still continued.  Sandusky had pre-teens alone in his hotel room on many occassions while representing PSU.  This was one of the things I found fost unbelievable.  What the hell?  Anyone who works with kids knows that this could *never* happen.  13 years ago was a little less strict, but still...

As for the parents, well, they trusted the guy and he provided an opportunity fo that child that was once in a lifetime - a real chance to lead to a better life.  Or so they thought.


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I hope all the former players remember all the young boys he brought along and are disgusted when they realize now what was going on.  This is such a sickening story and I hope that Curry and schultz are put on trial for perjury (it sure sounds like the Grand Jury doubted their version of events).  Disgusting.

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from a number of standpoints.  But, it speaks very poorly of the length some people or organizations will go to preserve their reputation and/or revenue stream.  When money becomes more important than the welfare of our children, then our society has regressed rather than progressed.  And as a father of two girls, this makes me sad. 


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I want to try looking at this from JoePa's perspective. Sandusky was no longer his employee when the GA came to him. He had a 39 year working relationship and friendship with the man and some noob came to tell him that his friend anally raped a 10 year old. JoePa not only heard the kid out, but told the AD about it. I think a lot of people in that situation who tell the GA off and defend their friend. JoePa turned it over to a more objective person, his superior, to pursue. It sounds like JoePa was supportive of the GA. He would have been involved in getting the GA in to see the AD.

Sandusky is a sick man. The AD and Veep are dead wrong for doing too little. I know I am in the minority, but think that JoePa behaved appropriately.


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I'll paraphrase Wetzel.  Paterno wasn't some middle manager, he was Joe Paterno, and to think that he actually had a reporting relationship to Curley is naivety.  Curley worked for Paterno, not the other way around, even though the org chart may have "officially" been otherwise.


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was in charge.  At the point that GA came forward, Sandusky was not officially involved with the football program.  He was a former coach who was allowed by Curley to keep his keys.  This is exactly the type of thing where Curley should take over. 

If a GA came to Hoke and said that Mattison was sexually abusing kids, I would expect Hoke to suspend Mattison and tell DB.  DB has a staff that can investigate the allegations and make a determination.  He can then inform the authorities.  Hoke would not be expected to use people associated with football to check on allegations.

JoePa did not have the Grand Jury's report.  He took action based on the statement of the GA.  It was a handoff to someone who had the time and resources to look into the matter and take appropriate action. 

I am the director of an addiction treatment center.  When one of my employees comes to me with a report, I go over it with them and meet directly with the source.  Once the employee has turned it over to me, I am responsible.  The vast majority of reports are credible and acted upon.  A few attempts to harm someone's reputation, usually during a divorce. 

Prudence is called for when deciding how to proceed.  If JoePa reported this to the police and it was false, it could have led to Sandusky's wife leaving him and Sandusky being barred from contact with his grandchildren.  He turned it over to someone who could check the facts and act.  It is Curley's failure by minimizing the allegations and not taking proper action.

What Sandusky did was pure evil.  What Curley did was self-serving, short-sighted, and wrong.  I don't have a problem with JoePa's actions.  We can't paint all people associated with PSU with the same brush because of the sick actions of one man.


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that is one viewpoint, and unless any of us are in this situation, it might be hard to say with certainty how we would react.

However, by all accounts the GA was traumatized.  I have a very hard time believing he wasn't credible to JoePa.  A low-level GA doesnt' just suddenly show up at your door on a Saturday morning at say this about the 2nd most powerful person in the program's history unless it is true.... or he's completely lying.  

EITHER case morally demands a followup.  Either Sadusky gets murdered, or this get gets fired or worse.

If someone tells you that he saw your closest coworker, or paster, or uncle, or god forbid famliy member having sex with a 10 year old - what you suggest is not how you should respond.  In fact, I chose to believe that is not how most people would respond.  I'm certain that it is not the response of anyone who would retain even the slightest amount of my respect.


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It appears football wins and the culture of the PSU program was placed above the law.  I find it facinating that this long standing abuse becomes national news just after a time where one of the most significant milestone in college football coaching is achieved.  It's too coincidental.  Did it really have to take this long to come out...I don't think so.