PSU starting DE Ryan Bucholz retires

Submitted by Bambi on August 15th, 2018 at 12:07 PM

Tweet from Bucholz.

Citing injuries, projected PSU starting DE Ryan Bucholz is retiring. Bucholz was going to be a RS Jr this year and played in 10 games last year, starting 6.



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Actually, I think it kind of does matter in this case. "Retires" usually implies one had a full, long career and has reached a point where they no longer want or need to work. It implies a pleasant ride into the sunset after many years.

This kid "quit football," and it sounds like he did so because the sport he loves has battered his body into submission at a young 21 years old. It uses the word "retire" as a way of diverting attention away from the fact that this was not a pleasant, normal, timely process, but one caused directly by the violence of football. 


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If we want to be pedantic:

The definition posted above by mGrowOld says "typically upon reaching the normal age" . You wrote above implies. That means that it's not definitive and there are exceptions/other meanings. Considering the synonyms mGrowOld posted are "give up work, stop working, stop work", all of which apply here, retires fits the context.

And relatedly, considering my OP mentions that he's retiring because of injuries and Bucholz's tweet details it extensively, I think we can all use a little bit of context clues to realize this isn't a normally timed retirement and has to due with the violence caused by football.


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That's a pretty big loss.  Big, tough and good football player - he could also play DT as necessary.

Buchholz was injured in the OSU game last year and PSU definitely missed him in the 4th Quarter of that game.


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There's depth - but most of it is raw and young talent.  Buchholz was more of a sure thing.  Maybe the raw young talent emerges, maybe they don't.  Every college football fan knows how that goes.  

Definitely the right decision for Buchholz.  On to the next stage of his life.


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Yeah - even when you have depth you don't want to eat into it.  Because now the guy who was the "really good back up" is the starter and the new back up is clearly not as good as the previous back up, at a position where back ups tend to see a lot of time.  Like you said, those third back ups are usually less proven, and even if they play well will more prone to mistakes.  Also, injuries happen throughout the season, which is part of the reason depth is so important, so when you're down a starter before that attrition even starts, that's not ideal.  

This is far from a season derailer, but I don't blame PSU fans for being a little bummed about this and their opponents to be a little relieved.


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I dunno. You leave the service, you're a veteran. If you put in a career, you can retire which is a completely different type of separation. 

I'll just say he's  saying it wrong since he goes to psu.