PSU RB Silas Redd considering transfer to USC

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Those of you who had Lane Kiffin as the first scumbag coach to pick at PSU's carcass, you're a winner. Wonder if he told Ty Isaac.

I'm all for giving the PSU players the freedom to transfer unrestricted because God knows they didn't deserve this but allowing players to transfer to other schools under NCAA sanctions seems a little distasteful. I guess at least their bowl ban is over.

USC has notified PSU it is recruiting Redd, per source

PSU RB Silas Redd (1,241 yards) considering transfer to USC, per sources




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But then, under every propsal I have seen, they would then forfeit a scholorship the next year.  So if they went 1 over their limit this year, they would have to be 1 under their limit next year [even if they just get a senior player who is gone after this year]


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But, do they really need another running back?  Redd is good and would help their team, but its not like they don't have any running backs.  Also, aren't they basically at their 2013 recruiting limit as it is? 

In any event, I do agree with you that if he helps lead them to a MNC it would be worth it regardless.

And its not like we, or they, know the exact scholorship rules we are working under.  Its an interesting situation.


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They do. With a spring injury to a converted linebacker trying his hand at running back, they only had two guys on the depth chart with any game experience and three total for the whole roster.

For everyone whining calling Lane a scum bag, he could be like the multitudes of other coaches who are sending third party runners at these guys offering them under the table. Kiffin was up front and got permission. This is consistent with how he's run things at Heritage Hall. It's all business and button down compliance. If you aren't family good luck getting a pass to practice or to the sidelines for games.  The celebrity hollywood presence is gone.

If the Paterno deal taught us any lesson about college football is be very careful about passing judgment based on a guy's public posturing, the way he talks to the media, or the way he looks. Paterno was not only the cheerleader of righeous, he went out of his way to dress the part.  

We see how legit that all was.


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At Lane Kiffin University they don't rebuild, they take an entire roster every year, because they lose an entire roster every year. I neither worry over, nor acknowledge Kiffins recruiting prowess. He's likely expecting his yearly average of total attrition (jk, but seriously) so there'll be plenty of room.

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They are limited to be at 75 total and 15 per year. For Class of 2012, they technically took under 15 because they backdated. If they have less than 75 scholarship players on the roster, then they have no problem.

Emmert said today there are also exceptions for going over scholarship limits to accomodate PSU transfers, but it had not been decided yet if that applied to schools under NCAA sanctions.

NOLA Wolverine

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Uh, yeah. I've got a document that I signed last spring that says I owe upwards of 7,000 by the end of the lease term in total payments. As it turns out, I don't have 14,000 to drop on two housing leases, and I work full time for half of the year. Kids who don't have time to work any meaningful hours certainly don't have the cash to do that. The NCAA does not have the power to dissolve legal contracts, and scholarships don't include housing. Unless these housing stipends are much larger than I've heard of previously, I don't see how it's feasible. 

Not to mention moving all of your crap from Penn State to California. That's not cheap either. 

Steve in PA

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I don't know about housing arrangements at other schools, but most of the players stay in a "village" that is seperate from the regular dorms on campus.  Graduate students and older students also stay in the same complex.  It's right next to the Lasch building where most of the molestation happened.

I lived there during my time and enjoyed wearing my Michigan gear when PSU was ofer vs The Wolverines.  I guess they still are ofer now.


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The players did nothing wrong. They should be able to transfer wherever they want. If that happens to be to another school under sanctions, then so be it. It's their choice and they should have that right.

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Just like the PSU sanctions have nothing to do with the players. More has to do with the school being punished.

Permitting transfers like this to a team under NCAA sanctions allows USC to avoid the full effects of their own sanctions.

I find it hard to believe that USC is the only possible fit for Silas Redd. Redd is good enough that there will be plenty of schools knocking on his door. The kids who are going to get screwed are the ones who are not good enough to get that kind of attention and are trapped at PSU.


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Haven't you too are on probation.

Can't allow Michigan to benefit while being on NCAA probation through Nov 5 2013.

At the end of the day, it's all about what the players feel is in their best interest. Players can currently transfer into USC/Michigan/OSU/UNC and any other school on why create a special rule forbidding it in this particular situation?


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I don't care about him transferring to a team on probation (or to USC, Boise or Ohio if the scholarships are organically available). Allowing USC or another school to get a waiver for their scholarship penalties to punish PSU for their scholarship penalties is pretty stupid, though.


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But in order to restore competitive balance that USC unfairly gained during the Bush/Carroll era they were limited in the letters of intent they could sign. Allowing them to skirt that punishment because Penn State also got into trouble makes no sense. Just because Penn State also committed infractions doesn't (or shouldn't) reduce what USC did.


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Not that I would want him at UofM, but I was hoping the PSU players would stay with in the conference. I enjoyed watching Silas Redd, better then OHiO I guess.