PSU @ Nebraska open thread

Submitted by Blue in PA on February 25th, 2018 at 5:24 PM
Come on Nittany Lions, get us that #4 seed.



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In other news, UCLA appears to have expended most of its energy catching up to Colorado and is now down 8 with under 6 minutes left to go.  Luckily for UCLA (and Michigan), it's not as bad of a loss in the RPI as it is on KenPom, but UCLA's at-large profile consists of "vs. Kentucky, @Arizona, and a bunch of losses, some bad."


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Nothing to play for in that game.  It's all downside -- there's no credit for beating one of Iowa, Illinois, or Rutgers, the three teams that are still alive for the 12/13 seed.  But there'd be a big penalty for a loss -- possibly a whole seedline.

Further, it helps to tire out the team and makes it more difficult (but, as we know, not impossible) to win the thing.


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Another big ten arena with a much better atmosphere despite no basketball history. Crisler is such a failure of an arena.

Looks like the 5 seed it is


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Crisler is one of the loudest atmospheres in the big ten not to mention one of the toughest places to play. The maize rage is always energized. Just depends on the opponent. No I’m not gonna go crazy for a game against coppin st. But games against UCLA Minnesota OSU Indiana The atmosphere was electric not to mention MSU Indiana Purdue and Wisconsin last season


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I graduated in 2013 so post renovations and in the middle of a great run of basketball that still didn’t lead to sell outs or fans who show up on time. The maize rage is mediocre and incredibly small and poorly placed. Lol at saying crisler is a loud or intimidating arena. I’ve literally never met a person who thinks that and I had season tickets for 4 years. Of course it can occasionally get pretty loud, it has a roof and thousands of people. It gets nowhere near as loud or consistently as other places.

Clearly superior places in the big ten are Indiana, MSU, Wisconsin, Maryland, Illinois, Nebraska and Purdue. Maybe Minnesota too but I’ve never been personally. Osu and psu are at the very least on par in that they get up for big games but a lot of games are lackluster and unimpressive. Better than Iowa, northwestern and Rutgers

Maize in Cincy

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I know people say Michigan has everything to lose by playing on Thursday, but getting a game in a new arena against a weaker team is a benefit for a 3 point shooting team. Also, with having 10+ days off before the tourney getting as many games in next week as possible should be beneficial.