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Wanted to get PSU view of Michigan so I went over to Black Shoes to see what they had to say...


Know Your Foe, Week Seven: #16 Michigan Wolverines

Brief Interviews with Horrible Men: Michigan Edition

Just the Stats: Penn State vs Michigan


Just another thing to get us by till the DEF UFR. Oh I almost forgot...

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I remember when Devin was just another defensive linemen. Going through the daily routine. Now suddenly he's a quarterback living the dream. Easily the best story in college football.


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Actual conversation between me and my three year old son when I showed him that picture:

Charlie: Go Blue! (This is his reaction every time he sees a Michigan football player)

(Charlie then points to lifeless Morelli)

Charlie: What happened? Does he have an owie?

Me: Yes. Yes he does.

Charlie: Go Blue!


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My son is now 8 years old...  4+ years into being unable to say "Nick Saban" without putting "The Eeeeeevil" in front of it.

He also has a pavlovian response that makes him boo or at least scowl at anything Sparty or Ohio related.

All I need to know I learned from Homer.


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Even though the link is in the sidebar, I think it is fine to discuss this on the main MGoBoard too. 

In any case, the stats matchup basically agrees with the current line on the game in that these are two teams that, on paper, are fairly evenly matched although with a slight edge to Michigan on several important metrics. I don't know if I entirely agree with the idea of basing who has the edge in what for all the metric on national rank. As we have seen here, even relatively slight differences in, say for example, 3rd down conversion rates make a huge impact on games, so success rates might be more telling. That's just me though. 



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W  vs.Syracuse (2-3 0-1ACC) 23-17  *in NJ

  1 2 3 4 T
SYR 0 3 7 7 17
PSU 0 6 7 10 23

W vs. EMU (1-4 0-2MAC) 45-7


1 2 3 4 T
EMU 7 0 0 0 7
PSU 7 10 7 21 45

L vs. UCF (4-1 1-0AAC) 31-34


1 2 3 4 T
UCF 7 14 10 3 34
PSU 7 3 7 14 31

W vs. Kent St (2-4 1-2MAC) 34-0


1 2 3 4 T
KENT 0 0 0 0 0
PSU 7 7 7 13 34

L @ Ind (3-2 1-0B1G) 24-44


1 2 3 4 T
PSU 0 7 10 7 24
IND 7 6 8 23 44

Shooting from the hip I would say they are slow out of the gate and make good adjustments at half (besides MAC schools).


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I am just frustrated that, under Hoke, our team hasn't performed well on the road where we barely beat average or below-average teams. Under Carr's 2nd year in 1996, a mediocre Michigan team beat  2 top 5 teams on the road. A good team is largely defined by good road wins. Without them, championships are far to reach. We really need to build the attitude that we can and should win anywhere.



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Hoke is 5-5 in road games at Michigan.  The five losses are to 2011 Iowa (which finished 7-6), 2011 MSU (11-3), 2012 ND (12-1), 2012 Nebraska (9-4) and 2012 OSU (12-0).

The only average team I see in that group is '11 Iowa.  The rest were all very understandable losses (in the case of Nebraska, it was at least after our QB was knocked out of the game).  You could throw in 2013 UConn as a bad performance, but I'm still not really seeing much of a trend of playing down to competition (do two games in three years make a trend?).  To me it just seems like we've been catching our rivals at bad times - they seem to be up when we play them on the road and down when they come here.


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I know our record wasn't great in 1996, but that wasn't a mediocre team. A team does not go from mediocre to the best in the country in one year (unless maybe you pick up a guy like Cam Newton, but that's not what Michigan did). That 1996 team was extremely talented but just hadn't put it all together yet. Not exactly the same thing.