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that you got your tickets early so you'll have plenty of time to figure out your section, row and seat #'s.  The ticket office seems to have either left yours blank or needing special glasses to read them.

I've got an old set of Ovaltine decoder x-ray vision glasses---maybe they'll work on your tickets.  Send me an email if you need them.


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Also sent an email to mgoblogfolk

And hate to pile on here, but Monday or no, if you're in the health industry in any capacity you should be well aware of this kind of disclosure.  I'm in totally-unrelated-to-healthcare-business and I'm very versed in HIPAA.  Even absent the law, not cool.



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I see that I have been beaten to the punch on deleting the post, but to answer your question, it is specifically a mod function to delete posts, but you can edit them provided no one has yet responded to your post. Once someone responds, the content is locked in.

As a mod, I can edit and delete my own stuff at will, but that's what that particular level of access affords. If everyone could do it, the continuity in threads would be haphazard at best and in more contentious threads, well....they would likely be impossible to follow. In essence, it would be an unmoderated setting if everyone had the ability to alter the content - if you can delete your own stuff, you get that access for all. That's how the Drupal module for this works, I think (I could be wrong about that).

Anyway, with mod control over that, some of the context in such situations can be preserved. Actually, a bit like this situation. 


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I almost feel we're being irresponsible if we DON'T address this in the FAQ now.

Q: Should we violate a student athlete's HIPAA rights? A: No, actually we should not.


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I thought #5 was Pepers for a moment, glad to see it's Hayes.  Having watched the spring game again, I'm even more impressed with some of his cuts.  I'm hoping he gets a shot this year to show what he can do, whether as a featured or third down back.

BTW, the hype train keeps rolling along for Peppers.  Maize n Brew and John U. Bacon (?!) have now thrown their hat into the ring.



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I don't see the comp.  Cox looked good in practice and in limited PT in baby seal games, but he could never learn the play book apparently.

Hayes hasn't done anything of note in games, and hasn't been a practice superstar, though reviews this spring were generally positive.  I also don't think Hayes looks particularly good on the hoof, as he's still small.  Cox was beast for most of his time here.

But Hayes was supposed to have shimmy and moves coming out of HS (he was a 4*, don't think he was close to 5*), and he hadn't really shown that until this recent spring game.  Some really nice jump cuts to avoid DL blowing past some poor blocks.  We'll need that, especially early in the year if the OL struggles. 


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I love Michigan ticket designs.  Excellent job by DrMGoBlue to immediately post a picture of the full ticket sheet.  That kind of preventative knowledge saved us all from dozens of POST PICTURES, WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE posts.

Good job, everyone.


July 21st, 2014 at 6:59 PM ^

We received our set of four tickets today. One of our tickets had an * next to the seat number. All other tickets were without the notation. I couldn't find anything on the tickets or in the book that explained it. Anyone know why.