Pryor ruled ineligible for supplemental draft

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It appears the karma police have finally caught up with Pryor. Every once in awhile things just turn out the way you had hoped, now if the NCAA could just do it's job all will be well. Ironically enough, the fact that the NCAA does drag it's feet is why Pryor can't enter the draft. Karma do be a bitch.



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Friends of ours has been on an alumni cruise that happen to be suckeyes and they have pictures with the criminal Pryor. They just showed us the pictures in their house - it was an alumni cruise and the first thing I am asked them why Pryor was on it since he never graduated - cue the crickets.


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I hope the NCAA puts the hammer down on Ohio, but I think Terrelle Pryor should have the right to try and make a living in his chosen field.  Besides, the last thing we want is for Terrelle Pryor to become a martyr and for the real issue, which is THE Ohio State University's systemic and systematic cheating, to be turned into a de facto referendum on whether or not athletes should be paid.

This could really suck if it goes the wrong way.


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Maybe taking the long road through the UFL or CFL is what the kid needs to get some humility. I think it could be good for him, and could potentially spark a UFL or CFL team to do big things. An athlete or his size like him usually doesn't end up in those secondary leagues and could dominate.


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I think this maybe a blessing in disguise for Pryor. He has an oppurtunity to audition for a higher draft slot next year. Will he realize this and take advantage of it? Probably not


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I dont know why they dont let him in. They let hardened criminals play in the NFL. They know the situation I dont get it. I see Pryor as a stupid kid who was severly misshandled by Tressel and Ohio. I blame them for his behavior I feel Tressel created the atmosphere in which Pryor could do whatever he wanted. I hate Pryor like a Wolverine should hate a Buckeye but he should be allowed in the draft.


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Why should he?  Actions have consequences.  He may as well learn it now, since he wasn't taught that by his tragic hero of a father figure coach.  In real life you don't get to act however you want regardless of rules, pretend to accept a punishment for your actions just to get you out of trouble, break your promises, and have the opportunity of your lifetime handed to you anyway.  Fuck that.  TP's an arrogant little prick who thought he could bend the rules his way and get everything he wanted; I don't shed the first tear that he can't.  Let him actually pay a price for his actions, then he can have his chances.

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Pryor didn't enroll for the regular draft on time and was never suspended for the season. For the NFL, this keeps kids from deciding in June that they'd rather be a pro and sign up for the supplemental draft. The rule is there to prevent exactly what Pryor is trying to do, you know, as a player suspended for 5 games only and pinky swore to stay for his SR season then changing his mind.

Franz Schubert

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He left Columbus to avoid having to talk to the NCAA in an attempt to help OSU. Well, if he would have stayed, and talked to the NCAA, he would have been ineligible for the season and therefore eligible for the supplemental draft. Hope it was worth it TP.


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 Pryor was in a situation he could not win. I know he caused his own problems but his teamates were beginning to turn on him. Hell the whole state of Ohio was all over him and blamed him for Tressel's demise even though we all know who's fault that is. He stayed because Tressel was there he left because Tressel did. I am just saying the NFL could of let him in. Its not that big of deal to me just saying I thought it to be kind of silly that they denied him.


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His teammates and the state were turning on him because he didn't give a fuck about them.  He's a selfish, arrogant, prick who has recieved everything he wanted. He stayed in college to try and help his draft stock. He left because he wasn't welcomed anymore and he tried running from his problems. The rules are clearly stated for the supplemental draft and Pryor didn't fit the bill. It's his fault that all of these things happened to him and he should be held accountable. I have no sympathy for him because he's a grown ass man who desperately needs a wakeup call. That is all.


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This made me laugh out loud. This is good, it deters other players from doing the same things. Thankfully, Pryor finally met someone who said no to him.


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He broke the rules. Deserves some punishment but he did sell things that belonged to him. He didn't break the law. I feel bad that a kid (who probably needs the structure and the money) won't be able to stay in school or go get his job. I mean he can go to school somewhere and he can go cut lawns or something but he might spiral like Mr. Clarrett did. no one wants that to happen.


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Yeah, there's that, and then there's the whole stealing equipment and selling it, getting week-long test drives to drive across the country, and getting to get an education for free. He screwed his own life up, and as far as I'm concerned, if he doesn't make it in the NFL, mowing grass is the only thing he's good for. Do you want that guy to be performing open heart surgery on you or something?


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He broke the rules and this has consequences.  It's not like the NFL rule just appeared yesterday.  And some people are acting like this is a permanent ban from the NFL.  He just can't be drafted in the supplemental draft.  Big fucking deal.   If there were anything approximating justice in this whole matter he would testify against OSU, but I don't see that happening.


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Maybe this is just the wake up call he needed and will come out better because of it. At the same time, he got what he deserved and I have no sympathy.