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The joke replies in the "Michigan Basketball Resurgence" post made me think that this would be a good post. (and it is my first ever). 

List your favorite michigan basketball players from the years that the teams were not as easy to watch as they've been the last few years. 

My cool story bro - I shared freshman year orientation with Avery Queen and Josh Moore - one 7'3" and the other 5'8". They drove around in a red ford tempo. 

My favorite player? Probably Senior year Graham Brown. 


PB-J Time

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Brent Petway

Had a class with him & we were in a group project together. He called the phone # listed on my U-M directory page (my parents house) & asked for me in his umm...unique means of diction. My parents were quite puzzled who the heck it was

/cool story bro


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Senior year Jerod Ward. He finally found a way to get something going that season. I know he had tons of potential, but never really panned out. Did he have a lot of injury issues?

Louie C

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I absolutely detested him when he played for Detroit Pershing because they beat my hometown Benton Harbor in the state finals two years in a row in some pretty chippy games. Pershing and BH had some pretty damned good teams in the 90's.

In fact Pershing played for a third consecutive title, but fell short to a Murray-Wright team led by Tractor Traylor.

Of course, that detestment subsided when he committed to Michigan. He really didn't live up to the hype of a two time state champ and Mr. Basketball winner.

03 Blue 07

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Josh Brown's Ford Tempo was incredible. I swear it appeared he'd had it modified so he could sit essentially in the back seat's foot area. The driver's seat slid that far back. For me, it started with the Fab Five, and then galvanized when we were really shitty during my 4 years (99-03; beat MSU once, in 2003). But I was a huge Crawford fan when he played, and was actually a big Kevin Gaines believer after the Duke game. 

My faves were Dom Ingerson and Avery Queen, along with Josh Moore, from a comedic standpoint at the time and looking back. Groninger also; I reeally thought he could be the shooter the team needed. It never materialized, and he actually seemed to regress through the years. Dom would come in and just bomb away from downtown with impunity. It would sometimes drive the coaches crazy, which also added to the entertainment value. Unfrotunately, things didn't turn out so well for Dom; I hope he's getting mental health treatment these days (given the incident in the Bay Area a couple years ago). 


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Lavell is my pick for this, although I'm probably biased because he's been a family friend since he was at Pioneer (my mom taught there and is a big basketball fan, they became close).  Wonderful guy, and as others have said, he had his choice of anywhere in the country to play and came to Michigan at one of their lowest points, and then stayed when he could have jumped to the NBA and been a lottery pick as a freshman.  Great 4 year player for Michigan, and one of the few bright spots (along with the hour and a half we had of Jamal Crawford before the NCAA ran him out on a rail, which, on a tangent, is still one of the most unjust NCAA suspensions I've ever seen, and pisses me off to the day) of the Ellerbe/Amacker era. 


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from the dark ages was losing my voice screaming at Crisler after Dion Harris hit a fadeaway 3 in double OT to beat Notre Dame in the NIT.  My second favorite memory was spending less than $15 for tickets to the msu game at Crisler the day before the game.  I haven't been to Ann Arbor since 2006 but I am guessing tickets a bit more in demand these days...