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The joke replies in the "Michigan Basketball Resurgence" post made me think that this would be a good post. (and it is my first ever). 

List your favorite michigan basketball players from the years that the teams were not as easy to watch as they've been the last few years. 

My cool story bro - I shared freshman year orientation with Avery Queen and Josh Moore - one 7'3" and the other 5'8". They drove around in a red ford tempo. 

My favorite player? Probably Senior year Graham Brown. 


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The first two that come to mind for me are Maceo Baston and LaVell Blanchard. Maceo played in some years with a few decents teams but LaVell was always a trooper and reprensented the school and the team so well! Wish he would have acheived more success while at Michigan. I also tried so hard to root for Lester Abram. That guy might have had more injuries then any player EVER. 

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Lester Abram came to mind as well. I always thought he  could have been pretty good, but he had some bad injuries if I remember correctly. 

I also recall being pretty enthusiastic for the Blanchard, Crawford, Gaines freshman years ('99?). It also had Gronginger and one other guy whose name isn't coming (I think he was from MA, but he didn't do much at U-M). As a group they were a "new 5" that seemed like the were going to bring the program back. And for awhile...but then Crawford got suspened, Gronginger didn't become the second coming of Stauskas, Gaines went to Houston (?), and Blanchard had to go it alone. 

Also, I feel like the first Sims/Harris combo, that being Courtney and Dion, gets over looked a lot. Thankful for all the players who stuck around the program to at least make it a somewhat watchable. 

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Daniel Horton. That guy was the bomb and for the longest time in my life was the best I ever saw Michigan put out on that floor, personally (born in 1995) up until the Beilein era began in 2007-08.


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As much as I and many others hate on the BTN, they changed our lives as fans forever.

We can now watch every single men's basketball game. And if you have a subscription to the BTN-powered MGoBlueTV, you are ensured to see every home game for Michigan Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Men's and Women's Lacrosse as well as many events for every sport.


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I went to one of the Michigan basketball camps when I was a kid and he was a great guy.  Heck I'll credit him with actually helping me learn how to shoot the right way.  


Having season tickets since 97 has really led to an appreciation for where this program has gone.  From witnessing sparty blow us out at crisler with the entire upper deck full of spartans to beating them six of the last eight.  I'm an incredibly happy fan who's just enjoying the ride.


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At a pre season open house, my wife told Chris Hunter that her husband gets so mad when UM loses, and that she doesn't get any, so she hoped he had a great season. Chris came over and gave me a high five and said that he would do his best for me. I hadn't heard her comment and I was very confused.


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Gary Grant was my all-time fav.

I still think back to the days (and nights) that I could catch the games in ohio on WJR and Chuck Swirsky did the play by play. Being in Illinois now I'm still reminded of him since he's on comercials and things because he does Bulls games now.

Also, Zak Irvin sort of reminds me of Willie Mitchell. Never saw a shot they didn't like. I think Zak is a more well rounded player even now and with this coach??? Zak could be pretty scary down the road.


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I didn't start watching Michigan basketball till we beat #4 UCLA in the Garden so I have no older players I like. Though when we beat UCLA I thought "Oh..somethin is goin down here" and lo, it did go down


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1. Daniel Horton. Still can't figure out why he came here.
2. Bernard Robinson and his go go gadget arms.
3. Human victory cigar Amadou Ba
4. Chris Young...He was all we had
5. Graham Brown
6. HuggyBear's kid(wicked Afro)
7. Air Georgia
8. Jamal Crawford...7 or 8 of the more exciting games
Of the lost years
9. Robert Traylor
10. Sweet Lou Bullock


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"Air Georgia" aka Brent Petway was the most entertaining to watch. 

Great dunker and rebounder and could do absolutely nothing else, and it was awesome.  (And if you're thinking GR3, just know that Petway was an even better dunker, a great rebounder and incredibly bad at all other basketball activities). 


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First michigan basketball game ever watched was Michigan at UCLA in 2002. They were 5-6 after starting 0-6. Daniel Horton was my favorite player at that time