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The joke replies in the "Michigan Basketball Resurgence" post made me think that this would be a good post. (and it is my first ever). 

List your favorite michigan basketball players from the years that the teams were not as easy to watch as they've been the last few years. 

My cool story bro - I shared freshman year orientation with Avery Queen and Josh Moore - one 7'3" and the other 5'8". They drove around in a red ford tempo. 

My favorite player? Probably Senior year Graham Brown. 


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I loved Ron Coleman. I started calling Chuck Bailey "The X Factor" to my buddies. Then he left the team. Later, we all started calling Ron Coleman "The X Factor" as well; he inherited the nickname. It was meant to be semi-ironic. Regardless, I liked both of those guys a lot. Clearly. 

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Remember seeing Amadou Ba on a bus on Halloween. He looked like he was just happy to be there. It was awesome.

Also drunkenly congratulated Graham Brown at a party in 2004 on Michigan winning the NIT. He wasn't super enthused about talking to me. 

Graham Brown was the pre-Zack Novak.


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I saw Adamdou Ba outside of Brown Jug on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (I had a physics exam on Wednesday so going out seemed like the right move). This was right after the incedent at MSU with the drunk sparty before the game.

My friend asked him what the sparty said to provoke him.

He said,  "I don't remember."

I still don't belive him.

/cool story bro


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rooted for jevohn because he was canadian and i grew up in canada. plus him and a player from my high school in windsor were considered the number 1 and 2 players in ontario coming out of high school. the guy from high school went to central michigan to play for jay smith...


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Tractor Traylor, man.  Partly because my best friend growing up was a State fan and hated what B1G basketball was seen to be (and still is, really) and Traylor was the ultimate personification of bash-you-over-the-head hoops.  Therefore out of rivalry spite I glorified in Traylor's play.  Even so I still loved having a pretty much unstoppable force under the rim.

Those Michigan teams weren't quite in the realm of terrible that you're looking for, but I figure to find a team as "easy to watch" as the past few years you have to go back to the Fab Five.


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Saw a commotion at a party, it was Pettway and the whole BBall team trying to get in. Went over to try to calm things down, came over yelling "what's going on?" with someone saying, do you know who this is??? This is AIR GEORGIA! Let him in! Ended up staring up at him, he was very friendly and just looking to have a good time.  


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Graham Brown is my pick as well. When he set a screen on you your lights went out!. Hardest working player I have scene except for Novack. I remeber watching him play with my dad and him saying man I love watching him play but I hope he studdies hard cause that gumpy white boy isn't making the nba lol.

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March 5th, 2014 at 9:39 PM ^

Chris Young.  An unheralded guy who played some absolutely horrible teams but worked his butt off and got better every year.

Also, LaVell Blanchard.  He was a really good player as it was but man, wouldn't he have been a perfect fit for the Beilein system?  A faceup 4 who could pound the glass and shoot the trey.


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My freshman year (2002-03), team started 0-6 before a 13 game win streak including the best comeback I've ever seen in a game against the Badgers. Maize Rage was pretty sparse then but proud to say I was in it!


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I have rooted for Gavin Groninger, Dom Ingerson, Avery Queen,  and Kevin Gaines.  Maurice Searight was a recruit that I was excited glad things are better now.


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My dorm room in West Quad was next to Manny Harris.

I will openly admit to not being a big basketball fan though, but I am a fan of michigan.