With proposed new APR rates, are we in any danger?

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For football specifically??  From same NCAA changes mentioned on front page... didn't see anything mentioned about the APR bit.


EDIT: **Consider:  the article only specifically mentions the "cut-off line" as in not being eligible for post-season play - goes from 900 to 930.  What I'm more concerned about would be the then necessary increase in the 925 standard (also up 30 to 955?).  We were never in danger of the bowl eligible number, but we were close to the 925 standard that gets you on probation-like warning and can lead to scholly losses over time...  See this old article by Brian, if the 925 goes up, are we still above the "Mendoza line"?




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No, general consensus is by the time the new minimums hit (not for a few years) we will be well past transfer-fest, and our APR will be safely above 930.


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I suspect that we might see another round of transfers after this season is over. I believe that a lot of kids were willing to give the new staff a chance to win them over and some of those same kids will be disenchanted with the staff personally or with their position on the depth chart in the new regime.

I'm setting the Total (aka Over-Under) of transfers at: 4.5. Given the number that have already left, UM could still see a pretty significant hit for this year in their APR score which I think would still be "on the books" when the new APR rules go into effect.


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which is next year (not a few). If looked at in the fall (i.e. beginning) of that year, it would encompass all 3 years of RR's tenure and Hoke's first. Theoretically those that left before RR's first fall semester would have dropped off, but anyone leaving during that fall semester and forward would affect it, right?