Projected BCS Standings : @BCSGuru on Twitter

Submitted by TheRivalry on December 4th, 2011 at 2:00 AM
1. LSU, 2. Oklahoma State, 3. Alabama, 4. Stanford, 5. Oregon, 6. Boise State, 7. Arkansas, 8. Kansas State, 9. South Carolina, 10. Wisconsin, 11. Baylor, 12. Virginia Tech, 13. Michigan, 14. Houston, 15. Oklahoma, 16. Michigan State, 17. Clemson, 18. TCU, 19. Georgia, 20. Nebraska.

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According to the "About the Guru" thing on his website, this guy is a sports journalist (a pretty accomplished one too, he's won awards, written for a number of newspapers and currently oversees the RealClearSports website).

He also talks about how accurate his predictions have been.


THE GURU'S FIRST TEST On Dec. 2, 2006, after Florida wrapped up a 38-28 victory over Arkansas in the SEC championship game, the nation waited anxiously to see if the Gators’ win would’ve been enough to catapult them into the BCS championship game against Ohio State. For many, it was a sleepless night. Only if they’d checked with the BCS Guru first. As the clock ticked down in the Georgia Dome, the BCS Guru was the first to project, accurately, that the Gators indeed would nudge out Michigan for a spot in the national championship game. The readers of an attest to the accuracy of the Guru’s reports every week since the site was launched on Oct. 13, 2006.

The Guru did one better in 2007, not only correctly picking the LSU-Ohio State matchup in the BCS title game, he was 5-for-5 on the five BCS bowl lineup, all posted minutes after both No. 1 Missouri and No. 2 West Virginia were upset on Dec. 1, 2007.

Here's the link to the page:


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Aww, I am hoping that MSU gets into the top 14 and gets passed over...
Big Ten teams highlighted.
1. LSU
2. Oklahoma State
3. Alabama
4. Stanford
5. Oregon
6. Boise State
7. Arkansas
8. Kansas State
9. South Carolina
10. Wisconsin
11. Baylor
12. Virginia Tech
13. Michigan
14. Houston
15. Oklahoma
16. Michigan State
17. Clemson
18. TCU
19. Georgia
20. Nebraska


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Although I think we could take VT. And that SC and Arkansas are still overrated (but that wasn't going to change this weekend anyway). And I don't get why Baylor is better than us for finishing, what, fifth in the B12, with three losses? But they're pretty close to us anyway I guess. And those are minor gripes - I may also put MSU ahead of us, otherwise I think those rankings are fair and make sense. I could see them looking like that tomorrow night.


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Is it just me or is it odd that Baylor will possibly/probably be ranked higher than Michigan? They are 9-3 and were blown out 55-28 by Texas A&M and 59-24 by Oklahoma State.

Michigan is 10-2 without a really ugly loss.


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lol baylor at 11? I realize they only have 3 losses, but the 114th ranked D in the nation really?

A bad texas team just scored 24 pts on them with 6 turnovers..


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Look at these BCS rankings from CBS.  Some people on twitter are claiming these are the new final rankings.  These rankings seem to take into account all the games from Saturday, but how could these rankings have appeared so quickly?

I am very skeptical, but they look legitimate.  If they arent legit, where are they coming from?



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I don't see how anyone can possibly predict the BCS. 2/3 of the formula relies on human polls which are not out yet. How can he possibly claim to know how a few dozen pollsters will vote? This is the CFB equivalent of a horoscope. 


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It is difficult to argue with the guy's rationale, though.  He's basically making two points: (1) that some voters who had ranked Alabama ahead of Oklahoma State are likely to reverse that after Oklahoma State's annihilation of OU, and (2) that even among voters who will keep Alabama ahead of Oklahoma State, the Virginia Tech's loss + Oklahoma State's big win will likely enable the Cowboys to pick up more 3rd-place votes, thus further increasing their point total.  This all seems pretty obvious.  If you have a good enough understanding of how all the computer models work and everything, you can probably make a good educated guess as to whether Oklahoma State will move ahead of Alabama in the rankings--and all the other predications are predicated on that occurring.


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I realize it's based on logic, but it's all gonna come down to the voters and it's gonna be close. ESPN was saying that something like 44 voters will have to change their 2nd place votes from Bama to Ok St. How can this guy claim to know that 44 voters will change their mind?


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And we as Michigan fanz should recognize that as one of the older teams, as the team with the most wins ever, as a team with a huge and well heeled alumni, base, as a team with 10 national championships, as a flagship team in a major conference, we are in the popular, favored, "in" group.

There are five teams ranked ahead of us who in all likelihood, won't plan in a BCS Bowl. Point being, we as Michigan fans have absolutely NOTHING to complain about.


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Although, I had never done the math, and hadn't fully absorbed we had only one national championship in the last 62 years. I truly hope that Hoke, with help from Borges & Mattison, will bring national championships to Michigan again in the next few years.


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In a rational world, State would not be ranked below Michigan: they beat UM, they were ranked ahead of UM until losing a very close championship game against an opponent we didn't play. Now maybe UM would have beaten the Badgers, but we will never find out.


All of this is qualified by the fact that the BCS is a joke. At least 2/3, the Bowl part isn't a joke since the Bowls are calling the shots, but the Championship and Series parts are a joke. A football team that wants to play for championships instead of $17 million dollar exhibition games would be advised to switch to FCS.