Profile of former walkon Brad Bates (new BC AD)

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Boston Globe profile of new Boston College AD Brad Bates.  Bates was a football walkon during the Bo Schembechler era in the late 1970s.

Given the way Dave Brandon has scheduled with other ADs with Michigan ties (Jeff Long-Arkansas, Bob De Carolis-Oregon St, Warde Manuel-UConn, & Derrick Gragg-EMU), I bet we will see Boston College on Michigan's football schedule soon.



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against Brad.  He was a few years older.  He played QB/S.  Brad didnt throw much at QB and he wasnt much of a hitter but he could cover very well.  He played for Port Huron Northern High School which is the rival from my high school.  But Port Huron is such a small town, the two schools used to party together.  The football players from each school were friendly and respected each other.  We used to call him "Master" Bates. (Cheezy I know).

His dad, Jim, was my middle school wrestling coach, gym teacher and occasionally a math teacher.  You talk about an awesome coach. Most of the guys wish he could have adopted us.  Jim Bates is a class act and one of the best people you will ever meet.

Brad was one of those guys that always had hot girlfriends.  He was not necessarily a player but he seemed to have his fair share of variety.  Brad always took AP classes and seemed to ace them without effort.  We used to think that his dad gave him an advance copy of the exams because no one was that smart.

The entire family is a Norman Rockwell Painting.  The family is into everything in town; from United Way to Salvation Army to Homeless Shelter.  They volunteer for everything.  Sometimes I wonder if they ever sleep.

I followed Brad on his way through Michigan.  I remember when he told us that he made the team as a "walk-on".  We all were so proud and jealous at the same time.  Coach Bates was on cloud nine.  Brad wore #12 and played primarily on Kick-offs for Bo.  Bo became chummy with Coach Bates too.  Bo would attend some of the fundraisers that Coach Bates sponsored.  It is real easy for anyone including Bo to love this family.

I still see Coach Bates every once in a while at the mall or at dinner.  Coach always has the time to say hi and buy "his guys" a beer.  He is very proud of Brad and he should be.  I told Coach that I predict that Brad will be the next AD at Michigan.

I hope I am right. (maybe I can get a seating upgrade)



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Hopefully, BC can get their program up and running again. As someone who grew up in the Boston area, it was always nice seeing them knock off the Irish. Hopefully, they can get back to doing that.


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I went to Miami U and had Bates as a teacher. He's a great guy, very passionate about student athletes and the university itself. He's gonna do a great job at BC and if Brandon ever decides to step down, early, he would be a great candidate.


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He is a stand-up guy who always take the time to get to know every employee no matter how important they are.  Very well spoken and will always go an extra mile for you.  He'll do great things at BC.