"Pride Buckeyes" a story from Brian

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I am sure a lot of us have read this story over the years, but I always like to re-post it this week every year. Especially when The Game is in Columbus. As pointed out by others, things have changed over the last 10 years in Columbus, I just don't know if I'm ready to say that they have changed for the better. They do serve alcohol now, so I'm sure that will make the stadium more civilized. Anyway, those that are making the trip, I salute you!





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Brian really nailed it here:


[C]ollegiate fan bases can take on the personality of iconic coaches [...] Ohio State fans have become Woody Hayes.

Hayes' hatred for Michigan was legendary and insane. What can you say about a man who refuses to get gas in a state because of a football team that plays there? What can you say about a man who said "I didn't like that SOB when he played for me, I didn't like him when we worked for me, and I certainly don't like him now," about Bo Schembechler, a man who counted Woody as a mentor and friend? A man who never referred to the school by its name? You can say "but he won a lot" and come off like an amoral mercenary. Or you can say "but he was really, deep down a beautiful person," and come off like a battered wife. Woody Hayes is a man you always say "but..." about. There's no justifying his childish outbursts unless you are a Buckeye of a certain tribal stripe, in which case you adulate him for it and emulate it, becoming just as emotionally immature as a man who was infantile enough to punch an opposing player at 65.

Woody made it cool to hate Michigan, to obsess about them every day, and to punch innocent people. Connect the dots.

Before Woody, Columbus was a place where Tom Harmon received a standing ovation for his strong play. They were once normal.


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I was a faculty member at OSU from 90-93 ( we all have to eat) and had season football tickets. As a Michigan grad I would literally root for whoever OSU was playing each week. My section ( the very end of the open end that was actually behind the end zone bleachers) was all assistant professors who had no real strong ties to OSU so it was actually fairly reasonable. The only time I got any shit was when we kicked the winning field goal at my end in 1990 and I celebrated rather loudly.

You couldn't pay me to go to a game there now.


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One of the great lines of verse from MGoBlog history:

"We would soon learn that whenever an Ohio State fan does not have anything else to say, he says "Fuck Michigan." It is appropriate for any situation you find yourself in, from meeting a new coworker to cops busting your meth lab to being confronted with your infidelity on Jerry Springer."


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I have a saved copy of an undercover video shot by a team sent by the then AD at OSU in 2002 based on complaints about the game day atmosphere.  It is a 6-min video that spans pre-game to post and is essentially a video documentary of Brian's story.

It's almost unbelievable.




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I'm trying to upload but I have it saved out to Photobucket (since 2002, probably) and I'm having challenges..

bear with me ....maybe a Mod or someone not mobile can embed..?  Link below - ghetto photobucket, it's loading slowly but it's there....





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Why do you root for Michigan? I grew up in southern Ohio and I saw many fans like this, including members of my family. By the time I was 6 or 7, I decided I could not root for the same team as these morons, and I've been a Michigan fan ever since. I've been to several games at the big house and I have never seen behavior like this....


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I've had worse experiences in East Lansing, but that's because it wasn't cold enough yet for me to wear a coat over my Michigan gear.  

I love my school, but I don't show my Michigan clothing until I am safely in the Michigan section.  In 1990, the only thing that saved me and my dad from a postgame beatdown were our brown winter coats covering our maize and blue sweatshirts.


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The word is they've gotten a lot better since then, as a result of some combination of strong lobbying by the athletic department and 15 years of almost always winning.   My daughter goes to OSU, and reports that they spent a fair amount of time at freshman orientation talking about: (a) being good hosts for visiting students / (b) you're ambassadors for our school / (c) IT'S A GAME THAT PEOPLE PLAY WITH A BALL FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT!!! / etc.

Anyway, assuming that the gatekeepers let me in, I'll be sitting in the student section with said daughter, wearing my maize and blue, so I'll post a report next week.


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That's all well and good but the problem here, and it's a BIG problem, is that the people doing the stuff Brian described 15 years ago ( and I have experienced as well) are almost NEVER done by students or alumni.  They are done by people like my wife's idiot brother who wants to fight anybody that so much as likes Michigan, much less wears our colors.  And guess what - my brother in law couldnt find Columbus on the map, much less attended any classes there.

Your average angry Buckey is generally a low-income individual who never went to school there but personally identifies with OSU as "his team" because they win a lot of football games and HATES Michigan for everything we generally take pride in.

Fixing the students is nice.  Fixing the general public is a whole different problem and not one that's under control yet by any means.  And my prediction is all that shit that Brian described and I've personally lived will come roaring back to the surface when we beat those assholes on Saturday.


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guys yelled go Bucks. She yelled back Go Blue and had a full beer thrown over her. The guy's buddies laughed and actually supported the act. Their mostly fucking red necks when it comes to football.

I have a group of buddies that would never be mistaken for choir boys. None of us would ever let one of group or anyone else for that matter pull such bullshit.


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Columbus is one of the largest cities in the country without an NFL football team.  All those toothless drunks that wind up in the jail cells that they build right into the stadium in places like Philly . . . in Columbus they are Ohio State fans.

The answer is security and lots of it.  Go ahead and get drunk and pee all over yourself.  Knock yourself out. 

But the second you lay a hand on somebody else . . . 

Ronnie Kaye

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All I can say is that while I am indeed prone to fits of volcanic anger, these are generally referee related and my preferred method of approaching stadiums at away games is a practiced look of arrogant disdain. After all, I went to Michigan. Twice, bitches! I didn't get a master's degree to go around looking humble.


Wow, what an asshole. Seriously.



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Like the guy who bought a ticket to the Bowl game this year where Michigan played Florida and he sat in the Michigan section with his OSU Jersey on. It gets worse, he was thrown out in the second half and made a scene. This guy spent money to go see his Rival play and got thrown out of the game...


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Support the team in their time of most need. Don't be a wuss and not support the team because your "scared" of anything happening to you.

Hardware Sushi

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Nice. I haven't seen this one in a long time. Brian's essay writing has definitely improved - his more recent essays have much better flow to them. In this piece, there's almost too much effort involved in some of the descriptions and humor. I enjoyed reading it, but 2016 Brian has definitely evolved from 2005 Brian.

After OSU game, I think I want to see a Brian's Greatest Hits thread. I have a few in mind but I'm sure there are just as many that I've forgotten.


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Interesting to see the change in Brian's writing over the last 11 years. Since this it's gotten more sophisticated and refined. Also he's adopted some internet snark, that was there but in a different way back in 2005. Also he was willing to be more personal back then, in a way I don't see as much nowadays. Bottom line is his writing talent is pretty special, was then and is now, and is the secret key to the MGoBlog success. Appreciate Brian Cook.