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Submitted by STAUDACHERBLUE on September 25th, 2010 at 5:36 PM

As I watched the post game press conference today I realized by not seeing Denard how much I love this kid.  It has nothing to do with how he plays on the field(Well maybe a little!) but it does have to do with how he is a perfect face for UM and the football program.  Each and every time he is interviewed he is so humble and thankful for everything he has and his teammates around him.  Tate I thought was pretty controlled with the media but it is still about him.  Here's to not having any more post game press conferences without Denard.


Hoken's Heroes

September 25th, 2010 at 5:40 PM ^

...we have three very capable qbs. That's a great thing.

....we still have a very young and inexperienced defense that is, imho, going to get seriously torched by well oiled big 10 offenses.


September 25th, 2010 at 11:27 PM ^

Agreed.  I think our D is going to get lit up in the B10 season.

Earlier this week I was thinking about posting a thread called "A Case For Running The Table."  Fittingly, I thought of what would have been the contents of that post while sitting on the crapper.  Well, my toilet-borne flights of fancy got bitch-slapped by reality today when BG put up 21 on our D.

I did, however, take some solace in the fact that OSU gave up 20 to EMU.


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Did he play at all?  Don't remember hearing his name.  Curious if he is injuried or got pasedt on the depth chart by Gallon or just random happenstance that he didnt see the ball.


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I wouldn't read into press conferences very much.  Tate was perfect today 12-12.  What do you want him to say?  Quit dogging the kid.  I missed seeing Denard as much as anyone but when he's not taking questions lets no dog another player who had a huge game for us.


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Ok seriously, there is a main page post about the press conference. This should be a comment there. I know it has a novel thought in it about how thankful we are to have Denard Robinson, but that doesn't make it deserving of its own thread. One of the main defenses of overposts (see: OT: PSU-Temple and Semi-OT: Mallett vs. Alabama) is that the OP didn't see the first post because it was off the front page. Even if we suspend the logical response (that there exists a "Next" button and a search bar for a reason), we are still left with the reality that, and I'd like this to be as clear as possible, useful posts ("signal") would not be bumped off the front page if there weren't so many people attempting to start their own threads on every thought that they have tangential to the Michigan football team ("noise").



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Then don't click on said thread, comment on said thread then rant about it. I have no problem hitting the next button (as i'm sure many of you don't mind it on a gameday either) to search through the recent thread and then read the ones I want to read.


At least he didn't start a thread to ask what a UFR is.


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Yes but the problem is that these threads clutter up the board, pushing "signal" threads to back pages. When this happens and some people don't see a post about something on the front page, they start a new thread about something that is maybe two pages back. So we have a self-perpetuating system of people starting unneeded threads.

I have no problem hitting the next button and/or not clicking on a thread, but that doesn't mean that the problem is solved.