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Submitted by Wolverdore on December 4th, 2009 at 1:23 PM

I checked the MgoBoard and did not see any threads regarding this, but wondering what the status with the old press box was. The stadium web cams do not seem to be working and I am not done by the stadium very often. Thanks for any updates. Just wondering what the place will look like (not blueprints or renditions)with the press box gone.



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I think they're tip-toeing around the questions as per the future of the old press box because in all likelyhood it's going to be scrapped (my opinion). I personally hope they do something with the art-deco MICHIGAN STADIUM on top of it -- if they don't put it on top of the new boxes in the stadium somewhere in the concourse area or on campus.

Here's the official release from the renovations Q&A page:

Q: What is happening with the press box?

A new press box will be built, addressing building codes and functionality. The current press box is over-crowded and outdated. It was designed in the 1950s and is in desperate need of modernization.


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Wait, the new PB will be on the East side? There looks to be camera windows on the top floor of the West tower, but I just assumed the PB would be there as well. So, I wonder, for those you who went to the stadium this season, will the glassed in section that juts out on the second level of the East tower be the new PB?


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I don't have the link, so if someone can supply that, and I could be remembering completely wrong, but I think I remember reading that they were starting to tear it down the Monday after the OSU game. They're going to put in luxury seating in its place (basically actual seats vs. the current benches).

As far as the art-deco MICHIGAN STADIUM I heard the plan was to move it over one of the entrances.

EDIT: Here's the link from…

EDIT EDIT: Here's the link about the signage from MVictors


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Ah, I had class today in Burton Tower, and I can see the stadium from up there. I didn't think to look. But as gomaize said, I heard they were taking it all down, filling the area with seats, and putting the new press box in the skyboxes.