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Submitted by bklein09 on September 24th, 2009 at 10:46 AM

This may have already been discusses but for those of you who have been to more than one of the first three games (or have followed online like me) you probably noticed that the pregame video
has been different for each game.

Western: RR speech imbedded over highlights from last season
ND: Historic wins video (Brian talked about this one)
Eastern: Award winning players video...who's next?

The reason I am writing this post is because I am curious as to whether this
new video each week thing will be the norm for future seasons or if they are trying to
feel out which ones are the most popular. Personally I could watch the historic wins video on repeat for the rest of my life and it would approach what heaven must be like. What are the blogs thoughts on the matter?

*if you haven't seen these videos they can all be viewed at:

**sorry for the sloppiness of this post but I am at the airport and on my iPhone and not that skilled!



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I think that it pumps up the crowd on both consciously and subliminally (for those fans that are quieter...) at the beginning of games. It only helps bring more fan energy into the early part of the game that is usually only seen late in the game.

Also with the historic videos, it has a way of connecting this "new" regime to the old school Michigan that everyone was used to. There are still a lot of fans out there that have yet to fully support the change in our program (even with the wins), and I think the videos can only help.


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Yes, it will. I talk to the Old Hat guys, and these will be every home game.

Apparently, this week's video is supposed to be pretty awesome. They didn't want to say too much, but it's going to have some aspects that Brian was lobbying for.

For everyone not at the games, they usually put them on the internet on Saturday night.


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And that second video from the ND gave me the chills. I hope they keep producing quality videos like they have been. I'm really liking how the athletic department is trying to experiment and tweak the new social media outlets as well.


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Do I belong on the short bus or does my computer just blow?? When I click on the play the screen just goes black, it doesn't give me an error or anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Maize and Blue…

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IMHO RichRod has a lot of Bo in him. He demands the best out of his players on the field, in the classroom and as human beings. The team he took over was out of shape and he has pushed them.
Remembers Bo's quote "I treat them all the same like dogs." RR rewards effort and hard work by making it a daily battle for positions. Also, while workouts are voluntary so is playing time.
Look at what RR has done to bring former players back in the fold. Former players at practice, working out in the off season with Barwis, Woodson has even seemed to rejoin the fold.
Last year was terrible and we may have won a couple more games if he wouldn't have installed the spread but, where would have that left this year's team. Do you honestly believe the team would be 3-0 if they had just learned the spread this past spring? Having a humble pie smashed in your face isn't fun but, we are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg offensively and the team is real young. Imagine what it could be like a couple years down the road.
Get behind the team, support RichRod so he can bring some NCs home, and thank Lloyd for bringing in BG who could have easily left for the NFL and $$$ but had some unfinished business to take of here. BG you are a true Michigan Man Thank you!


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I'm really glad that they've been posting them online after the games. During pregame we can hear the videos and everyone getting pumped up, but we can't turn to look. It was unbearable during the Notre Dame game when everyone was going nuts.


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could be last second victories. We've got quit a collection now actually.

Hayes vs UVA, Manningham vs PSU, Matthews vs ND, Mike Gillete vs Iowa, Remy Hamilton vs ND, JD Carlson vs UCLA, Phillip Brabs vs Washington and of course the king of all last second Michigan victories Anthony Carter streaking for the endzone on the most inocuous looking last second play in history.