Preemptively Meta: No Ace Williams [locked]

Submitted by Seth on April 16th, 2013 at 11:04 AM

Some people who imagine themselves to be media make up utter lies to get attention.

Some people believe these lies because it stretches credulity that a person with pretensions of being "media" could be such an utter horse's patoot that they'd actually make something up about a college player just to get attention.

Unfortunately the latter is true in at least one case. Unfortunately on occasion, the random wheel of Ace Williams allegations lands on a person with ties to Michigan and people pass the tweet around and stuff.

I STRONGLY urge you to suppress any natural curiosity to find out what it was this time and just respond "Ace Williams's existence is an appreciable net injury to honesty and the institution of human communication" to anyone who brings it up. If you must know and go googling, I remind you not to post it here or find yourself the victim of a remorseless banhammer.