Predictions for Mich/Wisky bball

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Michigan plays today at noon at Wisconsin ESPN.  We haven't won in Madison since 1999 and was vacated last official win was 1991.  Today Michigan has that chance to finally break that streak.   This will be a tough road game and be very slow tempo game.  I am really hoping to use our athletes and use as much transition as possible.  I hope that our defense will be better this game.  Listening to Belien sounds like J Morgan is finally healthy and may start.  I look for Burke and the boys to somehow gut a tough win and escape it.


Michigan 63

Wisconsin 58



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I'm still not sure on this one.  I want to say Michigan (durr) but my realistic mind mostly wants to lean toward Wisconsin at the Kohl Center.  Which leads me to believe....

Michigan 71 - Wisconsin 63

First time a team puts up more than 70 on the Badgers since Creighton whooped them in "week 2".


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Some numbers first:

Offensive Stat Comparison
SEASON Michigan Wisconsin CONF. ONLY Michigan Wisconsin
Points/Game 76.7 67.5 Points/Game 74.6 60.0
Avg Score Margin 16.5 11.3 Avg Score Margin 12.1 3.9
Assists/Game 15.3 13.2 Assists/Game 14.3 10.2
Total Rebounds/Gm 36.4 37.5 Total Rebounds/Gm 34.6 35.8
Field Goal % 57.10% 49.40% Field Goal % 49.30% 39.20%
3-Point % 41.20% 34.40% 3-Point % 41.80% 31.70%
Off Rebound % 32.00% 33.80% Off Rebound % 34.20% 31.10%
Defensive Stat Comparison
SEASON Michigan Wisconsin CONF. ONLY Michigan Wisconsin
Opp Points/Game 60.1 56.2 Opp Points/Game 62.5 56.1
FG% Defense 41.20% 40.00% FG% Defense 42.60% 39.80%
Off Rebounds/Gm 9.2 11.4 Off Rebounds/Gm 10.8 11.4
Def Rebounds/Gm 23.8 23.7 Def Rebounds/Gm 23.8 24.4
Blocks/Game 2.9 4 Blocks/Game 3.3 3.3
Steals/Game 5.6 5.9 Steals/Game 6.1 3.6

Interestingly, Massey gives Wisconsin about a 32% shot at winning this game based on the numbers, but of course, they  did beat Indiana in their own house and are in two-way tie with Ohio State for having the second-best record in the conference at 7-3 (Michigan, Indiana and MSU sit at 8-2). Wisconsin seems to live on defense and finding ways to basically be infuriating (ask the Hoosiers about playing a half-court game for long stretches against them), but if Michigan can keep a good offensive rhythm and successfully challenge the Badgers on  the outside, I would wager a 70-62-ish performance in  favor of Michigan. 


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We must push the ball out into transition. Wisky Dick will attempt to go the Nebraska route. We need to get out and run and force Wisky to play a faster tempo


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Sorry, but I just don't see them checking us. Berggeren, Brusewiczs, Kaminsky, Dekker, (sp? on all of those...) etc... I don't think they match up athletically whatsoever with Hardaway, GRIII,  McGary, Stauskas, Horford. We've seen more athletic teams get bogged down there, but not athletic teams that shoot like we do. I see this game going a lot like the game a couple years ago where we just absolutely annihilated them at home.

Michigan: 72

Wisconsin: 54


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I see two things for SURE happening (cause they always happen)

1. Wisconsin - shooting 34% from the 3 point line somehow manages to shoot over 50% today.

2. Wisconsin - shooting a B1G low 61% from the free throw line somehow manages to shoot over 80% today.

But neither matter in the end - Michigan 62-54


Canadian Wolve…

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Sorry for thread jacking a little bit. I don't have enough points to create my own thread, and this is somewhat on topic for this thread I guess.

I just picked up tickets for free to the Wings game at 2:00. I'm from Windsor, so I want to head over early, watch the Michigan game at a bar, then head to the Joe for the Wings game. Any suggestions on where I should go to watch the game? Any place within walking distance of the Joe would be great. Doesn't even have to be a great bar, I probably won't drink anyways. Just need somewhere to go to watch.


February 9th, 2013 at 10:28 AM ^

I would suggest going to greektown and then taking the people mover over but a 2PM start make it almost impossible to watch the whole basketball game and still get there on time.  There's a new b-dubs in greektown as well as other places that will have it on.  Within walking distance to the Joe I'm not sure, someone else may know better.


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I could see us winning by 20 or having a game where it ends up +/5 points (i.e. we win or lose by a small margin). If the offense gets in a rhythm, I could see us blowing the doors off but if it gets into a dribble-fest, I'm a bit more nervous


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Wisconsin is coming off a double OT game that was played the day after our last game. I think that is a factor.

Michigan handles their business in this one.

63-54 Michigan victory!


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Michigan 55 - Wisconsin 50

I am not looking forward to this slow paced boring game. Looking forward to the win and Michigan being #1 again on Monday.