Predictions for Mich/Saginaw Valley bball

Submitted by goblue85 on November 5th, 2012 at 8:29 AM

Tonight is the final exhibition for Michigan as they host Saginaw Valley State at Crisler 7pm.  Trey Burke will be back and very excited to see him on the floor with Hardaway and these freshman.   This is going to be a very exciting season.  I like Michigan big tonight.

Michigan 94

Saginaw 52



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to put us all on the fence about whether he should get a redshirt. He'll play really well, but still look like he carries my weight on a frame six-and-a-half inches taller.


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I see a lot of snarky comments about Slippery Rock, but that might be an interesting game. They beat Ed DeChellis's Div. 1 Navy team in an exhibition, and they have a lot of older players:

Slippery Rock was picked second in the NCAA Division II PSAC Conference, one of the top leagues in the country, and features a roster that consists of seven seniors and many players that ranged in ages from 23 to 27 years old.

"We obviously didn't play very well, but we I thought we got accustomed to the speed of the game in the second half and started to make some shots, but overall, we weren't happy with our performance," said Navy head coach Ed DeChellis. "Slippery Rock is a very, very good basketball team. They have very good, athletic players that can score and shoot the basketball. They are a very experienced, older team that have played a lot of basketball together. We wanted to play a team that would challenge us with their athleticism and physicalness and they exposed some things that we know we need to get cleaned up."

1989 UM GRAD

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Looking forward to being there and enjoying the new arena with my 11 year old son!  The transformation is unreal.  Went to last week's game with my 8 year old daughter..."Daddy, it's like The Palace, but nicer."


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This one is available via Big Ten Digital as well and will be streamed. According to MGoBlue, the first televised game for us is next Monday versus IUPUI on ESPNU.

As for a prediction, I will go with Michigan 85, Saginaw Valley 48. I went back through our history with them and adjusted the average score based on the performance against NMU, so it was totally scientific.


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If this was bowling, in which SVSU has won four national championships, the last in 2007, SVSU would have a chance.  Tonight, they might as well be dribbling a bowling ball.


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I grew up in the 'Naw and the first college hoops game I ever attended was Sagainaw Valley State College vs. Grand Valley State.  So, I think it's neat that they get to play an exhibition game at Crisler.