Predictions for Mich/Illinois bball

Submitted by goblue85 on January 26th, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Michigan returns to action tomorrow night at Illinois 6pm BTN.  This will be another tough big ten game in hostile environment.  This is a game that we need to win as the next couple road games will be brutal.   I expect Burke, THJ, and McGary to lead us to tough close win on the road.  This is a stretch where we will play four games in 9 days.  WIth a win, Michigan would be the new number 1 this week.


Michigan 72

Illinois 62

Mod edit: I'll take the blame for changing my original rule, especially since mod edits don't register as "new" on MGoBoard. This post followed what I originally came up with, and I don't want people to feel like checking the mod sticky is required before posting anything. That said, the twelve hour rule goes into effect for Northwestern. 6:30AM is the earliest we're going to go for the game on 1/30. JGB.



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"OP got what he wanted (in the future, just leave a comment here). New rule: Any poster making a prediction thread more than twenty-four twelve hours before tipoff will lose their points until the following tipoff. No exceptions will be made for the potentially hilarious violation of posting before the last game of the season.

Edit: Decided twelve hours was better. 6:00AM for a 6:00PM tipoff, ect."


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I'll take the blame on this one. I should have gotten it right the first time without an edit.

Howeva, as a caution, the edited rule is the one I'm going with and has been posted for a few days on the sticky and now is in the OP here. I have no problem enforcing it, but this first time I feel like some of it is on me.


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I could live in an OT world. If it's not for me, I can scroll by it. Posting a thread doesn't turn me all Nelson. Posting an idiotic one does. Pointing out idiocy brings out my full asshole. This guy didn't deserve shame, just a warning.

Now the one that caused the rule to be in place for posting it like 3 days ahead of time....


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My thread was an obvious parody meant to draw attention to what I felt was a problem.  I could have put a comment in the mod action sticky but that didn't cross my mind and, frankly, that's not my style.  I figured a one time post would put the wheels in motion for the board to self police.  The reaction to my post and to future early prediction threads would dictate whether or not a problem existed beyond my mind only. 

I think you could use some sole searching.   For someone who has a tendency to respond with snark on posts/issues you disagree with, you seem to be overreating to this just a tad.  Perhaps you just have a hard time realizing that you don't live in a world that revolves around your idea of right and wrong.

And JGB, the 12 hour rule is fine.  I would have been ok with a 24 hour rule.  I would be ok with no rule if it wasn't happening every game by the same guy and if his posts weren't so generic.  There are some big games on our schedule that might warrant threads that might otherwise be premature.  Perhaps you take that into account before punishing others. 




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it's about keeping MGoBoard clean. If we get prediction posts like before that do nothing but get a ton of negs and snark about the post itself, then we don't have a prediction post. Since people clearly want prediction posts, making a rule that ensures they're going to be about the game and not the OP makes sense.

As for twelve hours, I don't see it being an issue until 2/8 (before the Wisconsin game). We'll have a few games to see how this is working before that comes around, and if the board wants to go to a longer timeframe at that point I'll be happy to oblige.


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I just saw an ad hominem resulting from some personal slight about your "style." Nothing worth discussing. And personal attacks should at least be spell-checked.

My post was a joke, a call for tolerance, and didn't even name anyone. I didn't even remember who made the thread. Didn't care.  If that was your goal in creating it, it was a silly method, but whatever. It wasn't a federal crime. And you take up some pent up animosity and come out of nowhere. Might want to relax a little before you end up like your avatar.


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Well, according to, Trey Burke (b. Nov 12, 1992) should try something "new" and "completely unprecedented". Not to be outdone, says that GR III should "show some compassion" because someday "he might need a shoulder" to cry on.


Trey tells the rest of the team to take the night off. He's going 1-on-5 for all 40 minutes. GR III decides to make it a fairer fight for the Illini and switches unis to go up against Trey for a little 1-on-1 (because, obviously). 

Prediction: Trey by 5, but GR III gets two spectacular dunks.


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No idea what happened in this thread but.....After Witchita St. loses tonight and Michigan wins tomorrow (more in a moment), if and when Michigan can beat NW Wednesday they'll be the first 20 win team in the country...Cart before the horse and all that.

Anyway, Michigan, I think, takes this one handidly.  Illinois is, well Illinois.  Brandon Paul will have an decent game (18-20 pts) but a decent/good game from him won't be enough; I think it'd take a great, 42 pts. from him to equate to the Illini beating this Michigan team, regardless of location.  Michigan by 14, 76-62.


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12 hour rule...might as well make it 6.  Games are usually in the evening, minus weekend games at noon/100/200/etc..  Not much chatter gonna happen at 6/7/8 in the morning and the same for midnight/2am/3am.  Just a thought...Could be wrong but I guess I'm fine with 24 hours. 


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This has to be said:

Our win against Minny is looking worse as they pick up their 4th straight loss, and EMU held N. Illinois to 4 first half points... And only 25 the entire game

snarling wolverine

January 27th, 2013 at 1:16 AM ^

We're not guaranteed to be #1 if we win - Kansas is ahead of us in one of the polls, and could possibly leapfrog us in the other (they beat Kansas State this week).

I do predict we'll win and get the #1 ranking in at least one poll, though.  Michigan 75, Illinois 65.



January 27th, 2013 at 3:19 PM ^

I think we may actually lose today...

It all depends on Illinios and how well they shoot the ball.

i predict michigan 74  Ill 73



January 27th, 2013 at 5:02 PM ^

I'll be worried if Illinois catches fire from beyond the arc, at that point Illinois is lethal to anyone.  Think Purdue, but it has to be sustained throughout the game.  Other than that, I'm not super worried.  Of course, playing away from Crisler is certainly a concern.