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I could go to Johns Hopkins and make a video like this of med students, I could hang out on Wall Street and do the same with Goldman Sachs employees. Mainly that's because:

  1. A good percentage of the world's population (even at prestigious places) are idiots.
  2. Putting a camera in someones face can cause them to panic.
  3. Editing a three hour video into three minutes of dumb statements isn't hard.


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The average GPA for the Greek system is higher than the University's mean. A large percentage are also engineers and pre-med, both of which deflate grades like crazy.

We have almost 30,000 undergrads. Some are smart. Some aren't. Some get drunk before football games. Done.


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but how about post-gaming with signonsandiego.com which has a most delicious banner ad for "The Rocky Horror Show" above an article on how despondent Rocky Long's SDSU troops were in the wake of Saturday's loss.



San Diego State wide receiver Colin Lockett (24) makes a 16-yard touchdown reception in SDSU's 28-7 loss. — AP

Written by
Brent Schrotenboer

Saturday’s loss at Michigan apparently felt like a hard punch to the gut for the San Diego State football team.

In the locker room after the game, many players were practically inconsolable. They were in such bad shape emotionally that head coach Rocky Long even decided to make them unavailable for questions from the media afterward. Normally, win or lose, Aztec players dutifully talk about their performance with reporters.

“They were very emotional after the game, depressed, disappointed, upset, however you want to say,” said Long, whose team dropped to 3-1 after Saturday’s 28-7 defeat. “It was a very emotional locker room after the game and not in a good sense.”