Prayers for Moore, Oklahoma

Submitted by no joke its hoke on May 20th, 2013 at 6:53 PM

Awful news coming out of Ok, F4 tornado has destroyed most the town. Grade school has been flatten, many kids still trapped. Hope everyone in Moore comes out of this ok. Thoughts and prayers.



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Michael Crichton would disagree. Seriously though, although we can't control the weather, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure improved safety: advanced warning systems, more accurate forecasting models, and better public understanding of dangerous weather protocol are just the tip of the iceburg.


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I live in Moore, storm somehow missed us but less than a mile. So many donations are needed here, please take some time tonight and donate if you can. Im going through my t-shirts and spreading some Michigan spirit to those in need. The devastation is like nothing I have ever seen, any help would be appreciated by all


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Glad to hear you are OK.  The same storm cell went directly over our neighborhood in Broken Arrow, but luckily it had already weakened well before it reached here.  I was in Bartlesville today and stopped in Skiatook for some gas about ten minutes before the tornadoe went through there.  


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I came to Tinker AFB right after the May 2003 Tornado and 4 years after the May 3, 1999 tornado. It's disappointing to hear this news. It really hits home knowing the people and area in depth. Thoughts for the families whose lives have been changed by this. Knowing the people of the state, they will pull together and make it through this with great American spirit.

Ball Hawk

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I cant even imagine what those people are going through. In Michigan, we dont have much to worry about when it comes to weather disasters. Maybe floods or an F1 tornado or maybe get buried in some snow. Nothing compared to earthquakes, F5 tornados, hurricanes, mudslides, massive fires. God Bless to all those that are affected by this tornado.


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We got released from Tinker a bit early (around 1330) because of the bad weather warnings.  A lot of my troops live in Moore.  I spent most of the afternoon staying in touch with them and making sure they were okay.  One of my guys who is deployed in the Middle East has a wife at their home in Moore.  All my guys (and her) are okay THANK GOD and I am sure we will be spending the next several days assisting with the 'clean up'.  It is absolutely devastating to see the path of destruction.  My house was spared.  Blessed.


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Why can't an individual or family be blessed while another suffers heartache?  It happens everyday.  It's terrible what has happened in this town and we should be thankful for everyone who has made it through okay.  Some people believe in a higher power, some don't.


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I've only been an NCO for 10 of my 14 years...also, they may be airmen, but they are MY troops.  I am not sure where you got the impression that troop is an exclusive Army term...I have never heard anyone try to assert that idea.

There have been a few leaders over the last few years try to 'change the culture' by telling us to say subordinate, not troop...or dining facility, not chow hall, but that has been ignored by most because of how silly it is.


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Not only did he refer to his subordinates as "his" troops, he somehow passed it along to my dad, who left as an E6. In his ignorance, he called his civilian subordinates his troops. I'm so ashamed. 

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I'm sure the OP had intentions that weren't meant to selfish or image boosting. He probably created a thread to not only show his own personal concern but to also inform people of the tragedy... I certainly wasn't aware until I saw the thread, so I thank the OP for posting this.


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Sometimes I'm away from the radio, or on the computer, or watching something on the dvr, and I'll check in just to see if there's been any news or a commit or something, and I will see it here first, and it lets me check the news and see what's going on. And there are many eyes across the country who can find different news sources. It's not only sad; it's news. And more than OT appropriate.


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I have family that lives in Moore, they are ok but they've heard that there is around 2 Dozen kids in one of the schools they can't find and are presumed dead. What a horrid situation. Lets just hope those kids found a little pocket of safety.


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According to this, two elementary schools - Plaza Towers and Briarwood - were leveled and as many as seven children have died at Plaza Towers with about two dozen trapped in the rubble of the building. 

Sadly, this is not the first time Moore has been hit, and indeed, it has seen a few incredible tornadoes in the last 15 years or so. Thoughts and condolences to the people of Moore, OK. 

Fire Up Blue

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Nice to see people progressively showing their support for once. To those gracious individuals, I eat my words. To everyone else participating in this Good Samaritan jerk fest, well, whatever helps you sleep at night.


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I don't see where people offering prayers and good vibes for a natural disaster that has affected people here per the content of the thread is the action of, as you termed it, "selfish assholes". I also don't see where you get the idea that this is a "Good Samaritan jerk fest" when a couple people have already inquired where they might donate to help the people in Moore. Blanket ad hominems are typically frowned on in the MGoBlog community. 

Bolivia. See you in the waning hours before the season. 


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insincere expressions of sorrow or failure to acknowledge other tragedies with equal fervor. Mindless cynicism has become all the rage these days.  It's a way for these self-righteous pricks to express their sense of moral superiority without coming off as  the smarmy hypocrites of decades past.


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Now this is what I have heard on tv which we all know has a great chance of being wrong, but it is being reported that this tornado was on the ground for about 40 minutes and has the highest recorded wind speeds.


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I do understand his point.  A lot of people will discuss tragedy to find common sadness with others, hence making the group feel better, as if some sort of communal mourning is going on that will help alleviate suffering. 

The whole thing can get a bit self involved with the, I feel sorry, no I feel more sorry, but I know somebody there, etc.  People tend to make things about themselves when it really has nothing to do with them.

Also, prayer is a passive way to make yourself feel better.  Give the people money if you really want to help.

All that being said, he was clearly looking for the reaction he got.

turd ferguson

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I dislike most of your posts, so maybe I'm overreacting to this one, but I really hate this view.  It is an exceptionally human - and, frankly, heartening - reaction to a situation like this when people want to talk, convey sympathy, donate, and, if they're in a position to, do what they can to help.  There's nothing self-serving about anonymous internet posters feeling sympathy and sadness and wanting to talk to other human beings about it.  It's probably that same part of people that's driving a bunch of people to do really unpleasant things right now to help out others they've never met.  Most here obviously can't help in that way.


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I understand your viewpoint and do appreciate that there is genuine compassion and empathy on the board right now. Not debating that.

I am suggesting that the banned user had a point. Compassion and self centered thought need not be mutually exclusive. Scan through the threads and see how many offer prayers, hopes, or other forms of passive aid as well as a story about themselves in a tragedy, in the military, working for charity, personal ties to tornados, etc. Many are unable to not make themselves the center of a topic.

What does it matter if random blogger GoBlue123 once had an uncle with a store in Moore back in the 80s, or BeatOSU97 volunteered with the Red Cross. I can see how that would annoy some people.


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I have never understood the need to tell other people why they are doing things.  While it may be true for you that " prayer is a passive way to make yourself feel better," that may not hold true for others.  Best to not generalize and not project your own concepts onto others.  While I disbelieve in the efficacy of prayer and the existance of invisible suprfriends, for instance, I would never tell another why they pray or what they should believe.