Prayers for a Buckeye

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on November 25th, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Sad story coming out of Columbus today, as following one of OSU's traditions to jump into Mirror Lake the week of The Game, which is done by thousands of students each year, one of the students suffered a cardiac arrest and after being rushed to the hospital, passed away. Even though we're always rivals on and off the field, we can acknowledge that some things transcend football and, as shown last week with the Chad Carr stickers, we are still one human family.

Prayers go out to the Buckeyes and especially the family and friends of this student.


Edit: Update: OSU has said it will cancel the Mirror Lake jump tradition.



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From a public health standpoint, if the claims are true, they need to clean the urine out of that pond if people are going to keep jumping in it. And have medics close by (although I assume they do).

Everyone Murders

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We have Polar Bear Swims each NYD, and I worry about some of the plump geezers who take the icy plunge.  But I never had much concern for the younger set doing a cold water plunge.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family - it's terrible that a freak occurence like this happened to him. 

Remember folks - hug your kids!


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Perhaps some other factors played a role in combination with the cold to cause the cardiac arrest.  (Factors that are likely to be present in many others at the jump, e.g. recklessness, intoxicants, maybe even an inability to swim combined with stumbling into above head-level waters, etc.)


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It wasn't above head level waters.  I think the deepest part may be about 3 feet.  That is part of the reason they get the other injuries.  People jump in,. expecting more water and are suprised when it isn't there.  Also the bottom is a bit uneven, so you can slip and twist your ankle a bit. 

Michigan Eaglet

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Some background on the jump from Alex Geitman over at Bucknuts Link


It is a tradition for students to jump into the lake around midnight on the Tuesday night prior to the annual football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines. Even though students have jumped into Mirror Lake according to tradition since 1969, the modern tradition started in 1990 when Jim Jones led a parade of students on a traditional march around campus. At the end of the parade — at Mirror Lake — students made the celebratory jump. While the jumps of the past few years have drawn crowds of several thousand, less than 100 people leaped into the lake in 1990, led by someone named "Marmaduke" and a few other AEPi fraternity members wanting to add to the historic rivalry. Approximately 12,000 people either jumped or were near the lake for the 2009 jump. However, with a change in the Big Ten scheduling to add a bye week to the season coming in 2010 puts the game on the Saturday during Thanksgiving weekend, threatening the tradition as the Thursday night prior to the game would be Thanksgiving. Students have suggested moving the jump to the Tuesday prior to the game to allow the jump to continue. As of November 23, 2010, the jump was on a Tuesday night for the first time and a dedicated following of six thousand fans before midnight (the jump takes place for most students between the hours of 10pm and 2am).

The Mirror Lake Jump event is not a university sponsored event, and people are encouraged not to participate by The Ohio State University.[6] Although the event has been associated with a variety of emergency room visits, and loss or destruction of property, folklore exists that calls it the "Lucky Mirror Lake Jump" event. There are OSU graduates who have jumped into Mirror Lake according to tradition who have become very wealthy and have had wonderful lives. Of course, at least one person has been paralyzed from an injury associated with Mirror Lake, and another person has died, although neither was directly related to the Mirror Lake Jump event. The 2010 Mirror Lake Jump was associated with approximately 25 trips to the emergency room for cuts, sprains, and other injuries.The 2004 Mirror Lake Jump was associated with at least three injuries. A study was conducted during one of the Mirror Lake Jumps where water samples were taken from the lake throughout the night. It was note worthy that the ammonia levels in the lake greatly increased throughout the night. This has been attributed to people urinating in the lake. There has also been concern that the lake may be a potential source for disease infection, salmonella is a concern. The Ohio State University usually spends approximately $20,000.00 cleaning up the landscape and property surrounding Mirror Lake after the jump event. Jumping into Mirror Lake is also a fourth-degree misdemeanor, however police acknowledge that they ignore this during jump events in order to focus on the safety of those present. 2013 has seen a change in the attitude of the University toward this tradition. The Ohio State University required wristbands to participate in the 2013 jump which was scheduled for November 26. The area was fenced off, and only those with the wristbands were allowed to enter the area; the area spanned from Neil avenue to past Browning amphitheater. The wrist bands were available at the Union to enrolled Ohio State students.

True Blue Grit

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But, it sounds like an event that needs to end.  It's good that Ohio State doesn't sanction or encourage it.  However, it's probably going to take something like the police declaring it a public nuisance and hazard to get it stopped.  With all the injuries (and now a death), health risks, and cost to clean up the area every year, they need to find a safer and more positive way to channel their enthusiasm for the Game. 


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 I pray for the Buckeyes everyday but it does no good, No matter how hard I pray they are still Buckeyes.

 All seriousness though, hope they have a speedy recovery.


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This is awful - sympathies and good thoughts to all of the poor kid's family and friends.

Although I hate to touch on legalese in light of the actual tragedy - you have to wonder if this is officially curtains for the Mirror Lake tradition.  From what I recall OSU had already officially disassociated themselves from it because of the probability of incidents like this (alcohol + cannonball diving + 30 degree water) and attendant lawsuits - which makes perfect sense.  Is draining the lake to prevent it from happing altogether on the table?  Even as M fans, on some level you're sad to see this go because it's part of  the rivalry's lore, but it's such a potent combination for kids dying that this overshadows the lore part big time.

late night BTB

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One kid died. In what, 100 years?
Itll end bc of the PC culture today, especially at colleges.
Sure its bad, but scores more die from sillier things; falling while drunk, DD, falling coconuts, choking...1 kid somehow died in a shallow lake out of tens of thousands whove ever done it.

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Wow. That's awful. Seems like a fun and harmless tradition, but then this happens. Best wishes to his family and the OSU community as they mourn such a sad loss.